Naohiro Hoshikawa Appreciation Reviews Part 2

M-Pro 1999.1.10 Crazy Max (Shiima Nobunaga, Judo Suwa, Sumo Fujii) vs. Naohiro Hoshikawa, Masato Yakushiji, Masaru Seno

So nothing’s topping yesterday’s match right? … right?


Nope, WRONG! This topped it. Or at the very least, equalled it. It’s two years later and Hoshi is still battling a band of no-good thugs only this time they’re younger, hungrier and jerkier! Out with Kaientai DX, in with Craaaaaazy Max!

Yakushiji is once again by Hoshikawa’s side and this time they’re joined by a man I’ve never seen before – Masaru Seno, a fresh faced youngster bedecked in plain black tights. From the outset CIMA and pals are just heeling it up like nobody’s business. A couple of minutes in and I got proof of God’s existence as Naohiro Hoshikawa and Judo Suwa were in a ring together. It was as awesome as you’d expect. Hoshi was significantly more threatening in 1999 than he was in 1997.

The bulk of the match was C-Max destroying Seno and Yakushiji and it was a joy to behold, but it was nothing that you were going to lose your mind over. However once Hoshi got the hot tag – boy oh boy, you lost your mind. And this wasn’t like losing your keys and finding them down the side of your couch, this was losing your keys and having them fall down into the sewer and swallowed by a rat. So anyway Hoshikawa was kicking a load of Ultimo Dragon lovin’, Worldwide jobbin’ ass and the people were loving it. The babyfaces delivered a combo cooler than the KDX murderising from yesterday as Yakushiji hit a perfect Dragonsteiner, Hoshi hit his flying enzigiuri and Seno (who was the most sympathetic babyface ever by this point) hit a HYOOGE lariat. It got a ridiculous nearfall.

Speaking of nearfalls, we then got alot of them down the stretch and I was jumping up and down for every single one. Crowd was going mental. Throw in a nutty dive by CIMA too for good measure and yeah this was rockin’. Unlike yesterday’s match the finish of this was PERFECT as SUWA finally manages to put down the valiant Seno.


Naohiro Hoshikawa Appreciation Reviews!

I feel like watching alot of Naohiro Hoshikawa matches over the next 10 days or so, and as a result all you readers are going to be forced to read my thoughts (I’m proficient in water-boarding, don’t test me).

So for those who don’t know, Hoshikawa is a wrestler whose extremely awesome (and under-appreciated) career was cut short due to an accidental injury while wrestling for the Zero 1 promotion in 2004. He fell into a coma and had severe brain and nerve damage. It looked really, really bad for him for a while. However he has made a really promising recovery in recent years, to the point where he visited a Zero 1 show this past Christmas and was able to stand and talk to fans. He was said to be in really great spirits as can be seen from this picture with his great partner and rival Ikuto Hidaka:

Hoshi and Hidaka

While there is no chance of Hoshi ever wrestling another match again (walking will be a miracle and that’s something he’s really trying for), he was able to assemble a catelogue of matches in his career that from what I have seen, compares admirably with the best juniors of his era. So lets dive right in, with a match from Hoshi’s first promotion – Michinoku Pro.

Super Delfin/Naohiro Hoshikawa/Masato Yakushiji vs Dick Togo/MENS Teioh/Shoichi Funaki (10-10-97)

OH MY GOD, This match ROCKED BALLS!!!!!!
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