WrestleMania Memories With GG

Benoit and EddieBefore I get to my favorite memories, you should first read Big D’s, Alan’s, Duan’s, and Cadillac Don’s entries.

What is your oldest WrestleMania moment?

Yes, I am old enough to have watched a copy of the first WrestleMania a few months after it happened. But I don’t have a real “first” memory from that show because I didn’t really know what I was watching. Like Don, my first memory involves King Kong Bundy, but it wasn’t of him dropping an elbow on Little Beaver. It was of he, Don Muraco, and King Kong Bundy “Pearl Harboring” the great Hulkster on the Saturday Night Main event before the big show. That angle is really what hooked me on wrestling. I didn’t get to see WrestleMania 2 live, but I was able to find out the results fairly quickly. It was the first time I cared about what happend.

What is your favorite WrestleMania moment and why?

Even though it’s probably not the most popular scene nine years later, my favorite WrestleMania moment was at the end of WrestleMania XX when two friends realized their dreams and their emotions were real in this fake sport. Continue reading

WrestleMania Memories With Cadillac Don

Macho Man and Elizabeth

Cadillac Don’s next. Big D, Alan, and Duan have already shared their choices.

What is your oldest WrestleMania moment?

King Kong Bundy was the first person I thought of when it came to WrestleMania. And it would have been Wrestlemania III when he squashed poor Little Beaver in a tag team match. I had never seen a man that huge before, and my fascination with wrestling began.

What is your favorite WrestleMania moment and why?

I’m going to cheat and answer this question two different ways, but the answers to both revolve around “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Continue reading

WrestleMania Memories With Alan4L


Yesterday, I shared Big D’s favorite WrestleMania memories. It is now Alan’s turn.

What is your oldest WrestleMania moment?

I think my first exposure to WrestleMania was reading the review of the show in either the 1992 WWF annual or the WWF magazine. I remember specifically one picture of Bret holding Piper by the head as Piper’s legs were draped over the top turnbuckle. They made it look like this big huge event and by the time that WrestleMania 9 came around I was so excited.

What is your favorite WrestleMania moment and why?

I don’t think any moment in wrestling history will ever top the moment that Edge speared Jeff while he was hanging off the belt using an extra high ladder. It was so completely perfect from an execution and reaction perspective. I still think about it and say “it can’t look as amazing in reality as I remember it”. Then I see it and it’s even more amazing. Continue reading