UFC On Versus – Diego Sanchez Vs. Martin Kampmann Play By Play

MMA on cable is good for the soul. I think this card snuck up on people because of it being on a Thursday. It’s pretty close to what you’d expect to a Fight Night card on Spike based on the caliber of fighters. It’s also the first card on Versus since WEC ended.

Smartly, they made the first fight an old WEC fight.

1. Damacio Page vs. Brian Bowles

This fight showed me that Bowles deserves a rematch with Dominick Cruz. Page came out strong, but he was all over Page. He throws his right hand with ferocity. He was landing punches and kicks, rocked Page with an uppercut and then choked him out with a guillotine. It was an impressive victory.

Winner: Brian Bowles by way of 1st round submission

2. Todd Brown vs. Igor Pokrajac

Brown looked good early on with a strategic game plan of hitting and then clinching so he wouldn’t get hit. But a head kick by Pokrajac turned the fight around. A knee to the head against the cage at the end of the round dropped Brown and though he lasted the round, he couldn’t get up and the fight was stopped.

Winner: Igor Pokrajac by way of 1st round TKO

3. Chris Weidman vs. Alessio Sakara
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UFC On Versus – Jon Jones Vs. Vladimir Matyushenko

There hasn’t been a UFC show since Brock Lesnar defeated Shane Carwin in the main event of one of the greatest UFC cards of all time. But you should call this the calm before the storm. After this show is UFC 117 next weekend and UFC 118 set for the end of August. There’s also a WEC card in the middle of the month.

Clearly, the UFC is showcasing Jon Jones as this is his second time headlining on Versus. And it’s not a bad guy to showcase. I think everyone who enjoys this sport loves to watch this guy fight.

The show is starting with Gomi vs. Griffin.

1. Takanori Gomi vs. Tyson Griffin

I expected this to be a a show stealer, but Gomi was the show stopper. Griffin stood right in front of him and Gomi threw a wild right hand that hit Griffin right on the chin. Griffin took a Ric Flair bump on his face and stayed there while Gomi threw punches and the referee stopped it.

Winner: Takanori Gomi by way of 1st round TKO

I was worried about Gomi’s employment if he lost this fight. Good flash knockout the start the show.

2. Jake Ellenberger vs. John Howard

Just based on the first round, it seems that Ellenberger’s MMA game is just more well-rounded. He closed the gap quickly on Howard and just stifled his stand-up. He put him up a clinch up against the cage and threw knees until Herb Dean separated them. Then Ellenberger threw a quick knee and just exploded into a takedown. On the ground, he didn’t do much and they were separated again and stood up. Howard’s entire offense has been to lunge at him with wide hooks to no avail. We’ll see if Howard’s corner gives him some advice because his game plan is not working at all.

Howard opened up with a left leg kick that stopped Ellenberger in his tracks. Ellenberger tried to tie him up again, but Howard pushed him off and looked to have landed a right hand. Ellenberger quickly went for a takedown and ended up in a guillotine, but Howard couldn’t keep it. Ellenberger hasn’t done a ton of damage on the ground, but he did give Howard a knot around his eye. Howard landed some wild punches, but it just opened him up into being taken down again.
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