UFC 178 Live Coverage – Johnson Vs Caraiso Play By Play

UFC 178 live

While the main event on paper alone won’t turn a lot of heads, UFC 178 has some really great fights on it. Check out our UFC 178 live coverage. Continue reading

TUF Nations Finale Live Coverage: Michael Bisping Vs. Tim Kennedy

TUF Nations Finale

I have only seen one episode of TUF Nations, so I don’t know the TUF Nations fighters very well. However, I’ve loved the job Michael Bisping has done with hyping his fight which has made me interested in this mid-week show.

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Strikeforce – Fedor Emelianenko Vs. Dan Henderson Play By Play

It seems like this fight has been in the making forever and it’s finally here. We don’t generally see this type of weight differential unless it’s in the heavyweight division, but Fedor weighed in at 16 pounds heavier than Henderson. When they were standing next to each other, there didn’t seem to be that large of a difference, but we’ll see if it matters inside the cage. Miesha Tate also tries to take the 135 women’s title from Marloes Coenen in a five round fight with five minute periods.

1. Tarec Saffiedine vs. Scott Smith

Saffiedine wins the round simply by controlling the action. He is out-quicking Smith and beating him to everything. Smith’s trying to load up on shots, but can’t really get off. Smith is cut over his left eye. Smith isn’t moving well and is pretty hittable.

Smith is a shot fighter. Saffiedine landed some wicked combinations including a shot lead left-hook and right low kick. Smith either has the worst stand-up defense or Saffiedine has tremendously fast hand and foot speed. Smith took some harsh punishment.

Saffiedine did a great job of switching back and forth in between stances, throwing off Smith’s timing. And he was just tagging him. Smith tried to press the action late, but could never catch him.

Winner: Tarec Saffiedine by way of unanimous decision

2. Tyron Woodley vs. Paul Daley

Lots of inside fighting, but the biggest shot was probably a low blow by Daley. Daley did a good job at stuffing the takedowns, but neither guy had an advantage.

Well, this one isn’t a classic. Woodley got him down and held him there for nearly the entire round. He grabbed a single and took him down, pushed him against the cage, but Daley stayed active and didn’t get in any bad positions. Near the end of the round, it was Woodley on the bottom and Daley got a couple shots in.
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Strikeforce – Dan Henderson Vs. Feijao Play By Play

The actual match card for this show is pretty underwhelming. Once Meisha Tate had to pull out of her woman’s title match with Marloes Coenen, it left the show without a true semi-main event even though Liz Carmouche took the call, and it’s not like that one was selling many tickets with the original match-up. The card is banking on Dan Henderson and how much he means to MMA today.

I will admit that when my expectations are low, I am usually surprised. I hope that’s the case here.

1. Billy Evangelista vs. Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal utilized his left jab to pretty much hit Evangelista at will. He’s using his reach advantage and straight up stance to hit the smaller Evangelista. And when they clinch, he’s able to utilize his knees. Evangelista got a takedown and tried to rough him up against the cage, but lost the round.

Masvidal is pretty confident and maybe too confident. After winning the round, he started to run a bit and also started showboating. He landed the best shot, which was a lead straight right thrown at the same time that Evangelista threw a leg kick.

Masvidal is right out of reach for Evangelista. He’s going to win the decision. He was able to hit Evangelista when he wanted to, though he stayed away for the most part. Evangelista flurried at the end, but it was too little too late. The crowd was pretty unhappy with the lack of action in the third round.

Winner: Jorge Masvidal by way of unanimous decision

2. Melvin Manhoef vs. Tim Kennedy

Manhoef stuffed a couple of takedowns and landed a nasty leg kick. But it wasn’t too long before he was on his back and choked out. Fairly easy win for Kennedy.

Winner: Tim Kennedy by way of 1st round submission

3. Liz Carmouche vs. Marloes Coenen
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