Survivor Series Play By Play – Randy Orton Vs. The Big Show

Survivor Series play by play

If you missed it, check out our posts here, here, and here which cover some of our favorite Survivor Series moments.

Here’s the Survivor Series play by play: Continue reading

The Raw Rerun – The Shield Vs. The Wyatt Family?

Shield vs. the Wyatt family

I’ve made a few changes to how I’m doing the recaps of Raw (from early on just recapping the Road to WrestleMania shows to just hitting the big points to trying to recap the entire show, but based on importance) and I think in order to be able to continue writing about Raw, I have to eliminate the unimportant. Because these days, Raw is about 2 1/2 hours of unimportant and who likes writing about things that don’t matter?

I’ll eliminate the bulleted points portion at the end and just focus on the things that matter, or are at the very least, interesting. Continue reading

The Raw Rerun – John Cena Is Back Already?

is john cena back

There were some newsworthy things that happened on Raw Monday night. Add to that some fun matches and quite the ending, I’d say that the show was definitely better than last night’s PPV (based on feedback I’ve heard since I didn’t watch).

John Cena is back already?

Last night, Vickie Guerrero announced that Alberto Del Rio would have to defend his World Heavyweight Championship at Hell In A Cell against none other than John Cena. Cena announced on the Raw after SummerSlam that he was going to be out after a triceps injury. The thought was that he could be back by Royal Rumble, but maybe even after that.

Now, Cena may be a fantastic healer. But returning just two months from that injury seems ridiculous. Continue reading

FGB Radio – Battleground Podcast

Battleground preview podcast
Big D and I are back to chat about a handful of things before the weekend.

For the first part of the show, we discuss a change to WrestleMania 30 for 30, our year long project. We’ve had to switch up the crew a bit because of time schedules. Big D introduces the man who will be replacing Jason, who has a new work project that is taking up just about all his free time.

As for the second portion of the show, we discuss a local indy show that I saw called Premier, which I also recapped. D is surprised because I generally don’t enjoy going to non-WWE shows, but in this case, not only is Premier right in my backyard, but they lean toward a style that I very much enjoy. We talk about strongman Jeff Cobb, their champion as well.

And lastly, we preview Battleground, which also turns into a discussion about WWE’s current product and recent booking, including an uninspiring undercard. We try to figure out where WWE is going with the Daniel Bryan storyline.

You can listen below on YouTube.

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