GIF – Dan Henderson Knocks Out Shogun Rua

Dan Henderson was looking old and you hate to see a fighter get old right in front of your eyes. Shogun Rua was dominating the first two rounds, blasting Henderson with shots that would’ve dropped many a fighter. He looked slow and couldn’t move out of the way. An uppercut nearly knocked him out in the second.

But in the third, Henderson let the right hand go and it connected. And it blew up Shogun’s nose.

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UFC Fight Night: Shogun Vs. Henderson 2 Play By Play

Shogun vs. Henderson 2 play by play

Sunday UFC? This card comes from Natal, Brazil and really, my only interest in it is the main event. It’s the rematch from one of the best fights in company history from UFC 139 in San Jose.

Here’s our Shogun vs. Henderson 2 play by play: Continue reading