Bellator MMA – Maiquel Falcao Vs. Alexander Shlemenko Play By Play

Photo via Bleacher Report

Photo via Bleacher Report

The first fight is part of the featherweight tournament.

(Tangent – I’m highly confused when watching Bellator. I know all the fights are tournament fights but because many of these guys aren’t name fighters, I have no idea what their weight division is. I’m begging for some kind of video package highlighting the fights that are happening before each show.)

1. Popo Bezerra Vs. Genair Da Silva

Bezerra knocked Da Silva backwards with a stiff jab and immediately jumped on his back to go for the submission rather than to follow up with strikes. Da Silva got him off his back and ended up on top, but Bezerra kept working for the submission from the bottom. First, he went for a kimura and then he locked in the arm bar.

Winner: Popo Bezerra by way of 1st round submission

2. Mike Richman vs. Mitch Jackson Continue reading