Top Five – UFC 200 Week Is Upon Us

UFC 200 week

What were the top stories last week?

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Wrestling Podcasts Rule – Introducing Talk Is Jericho

Talk is JerichoSince when did pro wrestling stars become the greatest orators? Well, since the beginning of pro wrestling right? The most memorable wrestlers are also the most memorable talkers. Who other than pro wrestlers stand in front of large crowds with just a microphone and their underpants and start gabbing? Continue reading

Podcast Review: MLW Radio – Boom!

MLW RadioWe don’t usually review podcasts on this website, but there’s a certain podcast that has taken us all by storm. Let’s put it this way: Cactus Jim hasn’t watched wrestling since the attitude era and he even listens to this podcast.

I was a very early listener to MLW Radio (entire archive) as I’ve always been a fan of Konnan’s appearances on Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez. Throw in former WWE writer and MLW booker Court Bauer who also has done radio shows with Alvarez and it was an easy decision to listen. MSL (who Konnan calls the G from Compton, Quebec) hosts the show and keeps it moving. Continue reading

Lost Heroes: Pat Tanaka

With September being the month of the infamous Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame honoring the greatest names in the history of the business who made a difference, its kind of sad that many people who DO deserve it will be left out (see the Rock N Roll Express, Dick Murdoch, Arn, Sting. etc). But what about those journeymen who, maybe didn’t sell out the Garden or the Tokyo Dome, or even the ECW Bingo Hall, but still hold a place in the hearts of many.

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A Change in WWE Coming?

Now I’m not sure if FightGameBlog is powerful enough to reach WWE quite yet. I would like to think so, and I know for a fact of at least one person in the company who reads this blog (more for the Boxing coverage than anything), but this news does come as a bit of a pleasant surprise.

Yesterday, I outlined in my column the problems WWE would be facing in the future if they didn’t straighten up now. Well perhaps somebody got the freakin’ memo.

Last night on Wrestling Observer Radio, Konnan pointed out that he had heard from somebody within WWE that Stephanie McMahon-Levesque has actually “opened the creative gate” (sounds like a Japanese belt title) and is now taking suggestions from the talent to improve the product. Whether or not this is one of those situations done to simply boost morale (a technique a lot of companies use outside the wrestling business) or if creative is really and truly are burnt-out and in need of ideas remains to be seen. Still, even the fact that WWE would entertain this idea is a step in the right direction.

While last night’s Raw put me to sleep in more ways than one, I was actually very happy to see guys like MVP and The Miz get more mic time and more of a spotlight put on them. Over on the Smackdown brand, John Morrison is about to receive the biggest push of his career and CM Punk may actually break out. WWE may be starting to recognize that a lot of the older stars are about to hang up the boots and that now is the time to prepare for the future. I still think the developmental portion of the “Titan Ship” is plugged with a variety of holes and sinking fast, so they will need to quickly drop anchor and clean up the mess on the starboard side. How’d you like that metaphor-play?

In the next coming months, all we can hope is that new guys get put into prominent roles and that they begin to scale back on guys like Triple H and Batista. While the wrestling mark inside of me doesn’t want them to scale back on Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, the reality is that they are on borrowed time. So if there was ever a time to push MVP, Punk, Morrison, Miz, Swagger, and the like, the time is NOW! This start-stop push garbage MUST stop.

To quote a great man:

“There IS no tomorrow!”