Money In The Bank Play By Play – The Return Of RVD

Money In The Bank recap

It’s the Money In The Bank show and the return of RVD!

I didn’t see the pre-show match, but the Shield retained against The Usos in what was said to be a really good match.

Here’s your Money In The Bank recap:

1. Fandango vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Jack Swagger vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Wade Barrett

Some really cool spots here. Cody Rhodes stole the show and it was built up to make it look like he was going to win. Michael Cole oversold the finish way too much.

Ambrose did a skin the cat on a ladder that Cesaro and Swagger were holding up in the air.

Rhodes hit a package suplex on Cesaro onto a ladder propped against the top rope. Most of the guys were out of the match early and on the floor, which made it not as intuitive as some of the better ones. Continue reading

Money In The Bank Preview

Money In The Bank previewWWE’s 2013 Money In The Bank show is this weekend. After Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, and SummerSlam, I’m usually most interested in this show with Elimination Chamber right behind it. I’m a sucker for the Money In The Bank ladder match.

This show doesn’t have the greatest lineup, but because both Money In The Bank matches have great workers, I’m expecting good stuff. Continue reading

WWE Payback Play By Play – John Cena Vs. Ryback



I missed the first hour of this show, so I’ll list the results as I know them.

WWE Payback recap for the first hour

The show opened with Curtis Axel winning the IC strap by pinning Wade Barrett who was in the figure four.

AJ defeated Kaitlyn by pinfall to win the Divas title.

Dean Ambrose defeated Kane by count out to keep his title. Continue reading

WWE Payback Preview – Ryback Vs. John Cena In Three Stages Of Hell



If you’ve been following The Raw Rerun, you’ll see that I’m slowly becoming interested in WWE Payback save for John Cena vs. Ryback. We’ll just have to deal with that as the main event.

But the undercard looks pretty sharp. What might be the most understated story of the night is CM Punk’s return in his home city. He’s going to get an amazing welcome from that fanbase which should make the crowd hot overall.

I’m going to look at the card and see if I can figure out where things are going. Continue reading

The Raw Rerun (Payback Go Home Show)

The Raw Rerun

If Raw can continue to produce three-hour shows like this, I might turn the corner on the show. Tonight’s show was really good.

Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins

It’s a bit hard to rank long TV matches for me because I don’t watch Raw like I’d watch a PPV. When watching a PPV, I’m pretty much focused completely on the show. But with Raw, I’m usually doing other things. But I know it’s a good match when I stop doing those other things and pay attention.

Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins faced off for the first time in a singles match on Raw. They’ve worked each other many times in ROH and their chemistry showed. Both guys put on a tremendous performance, concluding when Randy Orton stopped Roman Reigns from interfering and Bryan rolled Rollins up in a small package for the win. Continue reading

The Raw Rerun (3 Weeks Until Extreme Rules)

The Raw Rerun

Talk about an inconsistent version of Monday Night Raw. You had some very good segments, but on the same show, you had a tug-of-war and dancing segment. Also, there was nothing really must-see, so I can’t imagine the rating will be good.

The Shield defeats a fighting John Cena

Over the weekend, reports came out that John Cena hurt his achilles tendon and there was worry that he’d be out for a little while. I believe it was actually a heel injury.

Cena came out early to grant some wishes on World Wish Day. He brought out three kids, one of whom was born with half of a heart. All three kids got their own nicknames and were part of the show. That John Cena is a good dude. And he doesn’t get enough credit for it.

I was under the impression that Cena and Ryback were going to be forced to tag together to face the Shield, but it never happened. First, Ryback was worried that Cena wouldn’t be ready. Then, when Team Brickie changed the match to a 6-way, added Team Hell No and took out Cena, Ryback refused. So Cena was back in.

Earlier in the show, the Shield came out and talked about all the guys they put out like Ryback, Cena, Big Show, and last week, the Undertaker, which happened on Smackdown. They looked like stars. Continue reading