The Aftermath – WWE Extreme Rules 2010

There has been a lot of big things happening in the world of combat sports, so we are a little bit later than usual with our rundown of WWE’s gimmick filled “Extreme Rules” PPV. It definitely faced some tough competition falling on the same weekend as the big Kessler/Froch fight and WEC’s excellent PPV debut. It was a show that divided us here at FGB, so let’s get right in to it.

Thumbs way up
Best Match: Rey Mysterio Vs. CM Punk

Worst Match: Beth Phoenix Vs. Michelle McCool

AWESOME PPV! 2 great matches, a handful of decent-good matches and really nothing overly bad. Oh and the crowd was great for pretty much the whole show.

Rey vs. Punk was just a masterpiece of a match, right up there with the Rey/Jericho matches from 09. The Joey Matthews run-in was done perfectly and trust me that’s only going to be the tip of the iceberg as far as that situation goes!

Thumbs leaning down
Best Match: John Cena vs. Dave Batista
Worst Match: JTG Vs. Shad Gaspard

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2010 WWE Extreme Rules Play By Play – John Cena Vs. Batista

Who even know this was the poster for this show. It’s actually quite scary.

We’re on the usual post-WrestleMania malaise where things seem weird and awkward and booking is a rehash of what we just saw at WrestleMania. It’s low energy time in WWE. However, this year, it’s going to be interesting to see what they do. The draft is tomorrow. There’s no Shawn Michaels to turn to and it looks like Batista is a goner as well. Someone has to be pushed right? And stop laughing about Jack Swagger.

1. Triple H vs. Sheamus

By opening with this match, it screams angle alert. Well, the match never got started. Sheamus jumped HHH in the back and hit him a few times with a pipe. Triple H needs medical attention.

ShowMiz, who aren’t even on the card, are out to talk. Miz is hyping tomorrow’s Raw where Bret Hart has to announce them as the greatest tag team. Teddy Long comes out and says ShowMiz will have to face a team of his choosing and if they beat ShowMiz, they’ll receive a future tag title shot. Miz won’t stop talking so Teddy adds two more teams. And before Miz can make it four, Show closes his mouth.

2. R-Truth and John Morrison vs. ShowMiz

Yet another WrestleMania rematch. I hope they give them more time this time, but if Teddy’s sending three teams at them, I’m going to guess they won’t. And isn’t the gauntlet gimmick supposed to be for the faces who have to go through hoops? This is kind of weird.

Morrison had an arm bar on Big Show while hanging over the top rope and he was disqualified for not breaking the five count.

Winner: ShowMiz

3. MVP and Mark Henry vs. ShowMiz

Mark Henry isn’t fired yet?

By the way, is a gauntlet match in which you can get disqualified for not breaking the 5 count on the ropes extreme? MVP had Miz pinned but Show punched him right in the face and Miz pinned him.

Winner: ShowMiz

4. The Hart Dynasty vs. ShowMiz

Well, maybe this can save this terrible segment. Bret Hart came out with them.

It was the shortest of all. Both Harry Boy and TJ kicked Show off the apron and hit their version of the Hart Attack for the pin. They get a tag title shot tomorrow. Both of my kids popped so maybe this was actually ok.

Winner: The Hart Dynasty

5. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio
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2010 Royal Rumble Live Play By Play – Rey Myseterio Vs. The Undertaker

I say this every year and I’ll say it again; the Royal Rumble is my favorite show of the year. There’s something about the intrigue of the Royal Rumble as it pertains to the booking on the Road to WrestleMania.

Underneath the big rumble, The Undertaker and Rey Mysterio should be fun, and Randy Orton vs. Sheamus will be interesting to say the least. Let’s hope young Randall Orton keeps his cool if Sheamus isn’t exactly in the right spot.

1. Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Early on, it was a cat and mouse game with Christian running around like a chicken with his head cut off. They had some fun big man/little man stuff that was fun. When Big Zeke was on the offense, he hit all his big power moves and Christian sold very well. But the match slowed down a little.

They showed some creativity during the finish as Christian was looking to hit the Killswitch/Unprettier and Zeke was looking to hit power moves. Christian finally hit his finisher for the win. It was much better than it had any right being and that’s thanks to Christian, but Zeke was fine too.

Winner: Christian

To show you how out of touch the WWE can be at times, Cryme Tyme was trying to get into the Royal Rumble and tried to finagle The Great Khali out of his spot so they could both get in. The Great Khali said no, and Ranjin said that they learned their hip talk from watching Family Matters reruns. On queue, Khali said, “Did I do that?” And then Teddy decided to start singing Pants On The Ground at Cryme Tyme. The Miz came out and Teddy told him that he has to face MVP next. Then Khali started to sing, “Who let the dogs out?”

Cody came out and told Randy that he was on board, but Ted wasn’t and Ted wanted to win the Rumble and face Orton for the World Title (of course assuming that he could beat Sheamus tonight).

2. The Miz vs. MVP
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The Aftermath: WWE Summerslam 2009

WWE’s annual summer showcase show is in the books and while WWE TV didn’t do much to build up the show, it seems like our staff enjoyed it for the most part.


Thumbs slightly up
Best match: Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk
Worst match: The Great Khali vs. Kane (yep, worse than the ten second match)

This should generally be a show that I would say that I really enjoyed. However, there was something missing. It’s simply the “it” that’s missing from wrestling today. Everything generically worked in the ring and the main event was a truly special because of how hard both guys worked to make it a great send off for Jeff Hardy. I even enjoyed DX vs. Legacy, which went way too long and was entirely predictable, but I enjoyed because everyone worked hard. Rey Rey vs. Ziggler was a very good opener and set the tone for the night.

But Cena vs. Orton was booked horribly. It made wrestling in general and Cena as well, look like a complete joke. Cena had Mr. McMahon, the referees, a crazed planted fan, and everyone else in the world behind him trying to help him win the title, and he didn’t. And if he had, he’d have won it with the deck stacked against Orton. I didn’t get it at all.

While MMA and boxing come off as huge events that you can’t miss, this came off as nothing more than a regular monthly PPV to me. Enjoyable, but I don’t feel like anything other than the main event was special or was even booked to be.


Thumbs up
Best Match: tie between Hardy/Punk and Ziggler/Rey
Worst match: Khali/Kane

Very solid show, bookened by two very good matches. The opener was a great back and forth match, and I thought Dolph hung pretty darn well. Main event was a typical TLC singles match, intense brawly type stuff leading to a couple of big spots. The Superplex and the Swanton were just nuts. My favourite thing on the match (and probably the show) was after Jeff blocked the second chair into ring post spot and just went apeshit beating the holy hell out of Punk with strikes and chair shots.

Rest of the show was a mix of decent, poor and average matches. Thought Cryme Tyme did very well for themselves. They had a better showing than all the other “young guys” (MVP, Swagger, Rhodes, DiBiase) in those matches.

Big D

Thumbs WAY Up
Best Match – Hardy/Punk
Worst Match – Khali/Kane

Summerslam far exceeded my expectations and was either the #1 or #2 best WWE PPV of the year. Every single match delivered quality in one way or another other than one and it was the one that we all expected (Kane/Khali). The snobby smark in me would’ve hated the Christian/Regal deal, but I didn’t mind the finish because it made sense that Christian take advantage of Regal while he’s removing his clothes (no homo to that). It reminded me of a fight in PRIDE between Wanderlei Silva and Kazuhiro Nakamura where this happened and that was real. The feud continues.

DX had a Wrestlemania-styled entrance and actually gave Legacy tons of offense. Swagger/MVP, Rey/Ziggler, and the tag title match were also very solid bouts with clean finishes, which is something I am loving about WWE PPVs nowadays. While Orton/Cena may have been a liiiiiiiiittle bit too much of a cluster with all the false-finishes, it was the best worked match between the two that I can remember seeing. The RKO at the end got the biggest pop of the night.

My prediction/idea about Undertaker coming back at the end of the show proved right and it was cool how he did it. Prior to, Hardy and Punk gave career performances in an absolutely sick and painful-looking TLC match. If you had told me months ago that Punk would headling three major WWE PPVs in a row including one of the big four, I’d have called you a fanboy. Well fanboys rejoice! Overall, if you missed this show, 100% worth the replay and DVD.

P.S. WWE needs to run Los Angeles for at least one PPV a year. The crowd was incredibly hot and the production values were stellar, and that made the show feel even MORE important than Wrestlemania this year.

We’ll see you after UFC 102!

2009 WWE Royal Rumble Live Play By Play – Jeff Hardy Vs. Edge/John Cena vs. JBL

Tonight is my favorite WWE show of the year that’s not named Wrestlemania. Because they only do one of these a year and usually use creative booking, it definitely feels like a special match. Plus, my kids like picking who is going to win.

With WWE only announcing about two-thirds of the Royal Rumble entrants, it leaves the possibility of a few surprises. I’ve heard that Rob Van Dam could be one of them. There’s also word that we’ll find out the person behind all the Jeff Hardy “accidents” and the latest rumor is that it’ll be his brother Matt, instead of Christian, like we all thought. If it’s Matt, I’ll be deeply disappointed. I don’t want to see them feud at all.

Dave Meltzer just confirmed that RVD is scheduled to be in the Rumble.

We’ll be back here when the show starts, with live play by play.

They opened up the show with a recap of the great kick of death from Monday Night Raw. Give Vince credit for taking one for the team. It looked even better in slow motion and up close.

1. Matt Hardy vs. Jack Swagger

This is for the ECW title.

Pretty good opener. Swagger looked strong. Swagger worked on the left arm and shoulder for a long time before Hardy got a comeback, but it was short lived as Swagger was back on the offensive, continuing to work on the shoulder. Hardy nearly killed himself and Swagger with a moonsault. His head was very close to clipping the mat. Swagger beat him with the Dr. Bomb.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Hardy was pouting in the ring afterward.

Orton was showed walking around the arena with people walking around him.

2. Melina vs. Beth Phoenix

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