Photo – Jones Vs Gustafsson Is The New Creed And Balboa

Rocky vs. ApolloAt the end of the original Rocky, after Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed destroy each other for fifteen rounds, Creed tells Balboa, “Ain’t gonna be no rematch.” Balboa growls back, “Don’t want one.”

After Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson beat each other up for five straight rounds, they both looked like they’d been in a car accident. Jones’ face was puffy and he was bleeding just over the eye. Both of Gustafsson’s eyes were swollen. All that was missing was Adrian.

But it wasn’t until I heard that both Jones and Gustafsson had to miss the post-fight press conference to go to the hospital did the Balboa/Creed analogy become fun.

And if it couldn’t get any better, Alexander Gustafsson tweeted out this photo of he and Jones at the hospital together. It was quite reminiscent of the beginning of Rocky II which showed Rocky and Apollo both at the hospital together when Rocky asked Creed if he gave him his best. Continue reading