The Ultimate Fighter 20 Finale Report: Rose Namajunas Vs Carla Esparza Play By Play

Rose Namajunas vs Carla Esparza

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The Ultimate Fighter Live Episode 10: Lawrence Vs. Chiesa and Vick Vs. Proctor

Dana White showed up at the training facility and told both teams to meet at the bleachers. Dana says that Cruz blew his knee out and tore his ACL. White says Cruz will be out 9 months. He tells Faber that he’ll have a fight for him scheduled for next week. It sounds like it may be Michael McDonald.

Dana says Cruz will stay and coach his team. Cruz says he hopes Faber wins so he can whip him when he’s better. Faber says that he’s starting the rumor that Ronda Rousey tore Cruz’s knee.

James Vick vs. Joe Proctor

Vick is so long and he’s able to hit Proctor in the face all while not being hit. He bloodied Proctor’s face early on, but he also has a bloody nose. So he got hit as well.

Proctor got a takedown, but Vick quickly got up. Proctor tried a choke, but Vick was able to get him down and landed on top of him. Vick’s using his kicks to keep the distance, but Proctor has been able to decrease the distance better in this round.

Winner: James Vick by unanimous decision

I think I would’ve given Proctor the second round for sure and thought there should’ve been a third round.

Justin Lawrence vs. Michael Chiesa
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The Ultimate Fighter Live Episode 6: Chris Tickle Vs. Joe Proctor

Chris Tickle was drunk at the fight and was running his mouth and laughing after his team just lost. Dominick Cruz tells him to shut up. Cruz tells him to shut up for the week of the fight. Tickle tells Cruz to push him during the week of training for the fight. Cruz thinks Tickle is a good guy and has a ton of potential.

Justin Lawrence and Mike Rio went at it in sparring and there looked to be some heat in there. Cruz tells Lawrence that when he doesn’t dominate he takes himself out of it by being frustrated at himself.

Proctor talks about growing up with an alcoholic father. Faber says he’s quiet with a big heavy punch. Faber says Tickle’s standup isn’t all that technically sound and Proctor’s is.

Tickle triggered the door to spill water on Team Faber and it was Proctor who was soaked after walking through the door first.

The guys must be super board. They created a slip-n-side to goof off with. It’s Easter Sunday and Tickle is making turkey. He loves to cook. He says that mixed martial arts saved his life. He’s got two kids and is engaged to be married.

Cruz and Faber went back and forth a bit at the weigh-in, but there wasn’t much to say. Neither guy really has beef right now. Tickle weighed in while eating pizza.

Chris Tickle vs. Joe Proctor
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The Ultimate Fighter Live Episode 5: Michael Chiesa Vs. Jeremy Larsen

Urijah Faber says he hopes Dominick Cruz is miserable after the loss. Cruz says he’s learning how to be Faber and it sucks to be Faber. Larsen says he’s going to knock Chiesa’s beard off his face. Cruz puts pressure on Sam Sicilia to give up some of Chiesa’s secrets since he knows him so well.

Chiesa says he’s loyal to his team, but his friendship with Sam comes first. Sam says he’s not going to compromise the type of person he is for his team. Cruz tells Sam that his job is to get his team wins, not to worry about people’s friendships.

Chris Tickle says he might have gout. Cruz brings Tickle in and says that he needs to stop complaining and stick around or to go home. Tickle was upset and will stick it out, though says he’s in a ton of pain.

Chiesa says that people would understand if he bowed out because of his father passing away, but he says he instead uses it as motivation.

Tickle tries to get out of sparring because he’s not feeling well. Cruz calls his bluff and makes him stick it out, but when Cruz walks away, Tickle sneaks away to get to the restroom.

Cruz says he and Larsen were friends when they were younger because their mothers were friends, but then they went their separate ways and now MMA has brought them back together.

Tickle goes to the doctor and he doesn’t have gout. After just saying that he was in so much pain, he now says that he’s feeling good.

Jeremy Larsen vs. Michael Chiesa
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