UFC 173 Live Coverage: Barao Vs Dillashaw

UFC 173 live

UFC 173 is a bit of a slept on show. With all marketing building toward the huge UFC 175, the next two main PPV shows as well as the other shows before July aren’t going to receive the lion’s share of the build-up. And while UFC 173 doesn’t look like a barn burner on paper, it does feature a top 3 pound-for-pound fighter, an up and coming light heavyweight on a rampage, an all-time great, and a really solid welterweight matchup.

We posted our preview yesterday in case you missed it.

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UFC 173 Preview – Barao Vs Dillashaw

UFC 173 previewAll year, we’re keeping track of our picks for most of the UFC main card fights. In addition to the FGB crew, included in our picks will be John LaRocca, president of Premier Wrestling, Heidi Fang from MMA Fight Corner, and Alex Goff from Online World Of Wrestling.

Here’s how we’re doing so far:

Duan: 26-6
GG: 25-7
John: 23-9
Jim: 23-9
Alex: 22-10
Heidi: 21-11
Alan: 18-14

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2012 FGB Awards – MMA

Via SportsNet

Via SportsNet

This is the last of our 2012 awards. Earlier this week, we posted our awards in Pro Wrestling and Boxing.

We have a lot of friends who chimed in about the MMA awards. In addition to the FGB crew, Heidi Fang from MMA Fight Corner, Stevie J from Angry Marks, and nothing to plug JP join us.

Fighter Of The Year

Duan: Anderson Silva
If this guy retired now, he would go down as the greatest MMA fighter of all time and probably never be surpassed.

Alan: Anderson Silva
I can only begrudge the man for so long. He looked on another planet in his fights this year, and I also have to concede he was the best flag-bearer for UFC this year too.

Big D: Cain Velasquez
Left two of the biggest and most bad ass heavyweights in a pool of blood. This man owns the division now. I would’ve hated to see what he would’ve done to Fedor.

Heidi: “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey
She’s a media darling wih brutal force who’s strung together 9 dominant wins and made history as the first woman champion in the UFC. She’s graced the cover of the ESPN Body Issue, been on Conan O’Brien, and rode out to Sons of Anarchy premiere this calendar year. Ronda’s breaking boundaries that no one else can in MMA right now. In 2012 she went 2-0, earning the title over Miesha Tate and defending it against Sarah Kaufman.

Stevie J: Johny Hendericks
I may be pushing this one slightly since I’m including December 30th of 2011, but since he had three big wins in the span of a year and one was only 2 calendar days away from being in 2012 I think he deserves the nod. Having knocked out 2 of the top 3 welterweights in the world, Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann, both in UNDER A MINUTE, nobody’s star has risen faster or burned brighter than that of Mr. Hendricks. He had already cleaned out the lower ranks of the division, now he’s cleaning out the upper ranks too. Sporting an impressive 14-1 record with a five fight win streak it’s pretty clear he’ll be challenging GSP for the title before long. (Maybe even March if Nick Diaz flakes out yet again.)

JP: Anderson Silva
There were more prolific fighters in the year 2012, but Anderson used the year to cement his status as the best fighter alive. In a year where GSP was mostly on the shelf and Jon Jones’ reputation came crumbling down, Anderson shined. The Spider took his revenge on Chael Sonnen in hysterical fashion (worst spinning elbow attempt in combat history) and then stepped up to 205 to dominate Stephan Bonnar. At an age when full time athletic prowess is difficult to maintain, Anderson at 37 had his best year yet.

Cactus Jim: Bigg Rigg Johny Hendricks
I’m straying away from the obvious picks and calling Hendricks on this one. He’s on a great winning streak and established himself as a title contender in 2013.

GG: Anderson Silva
I looked at Ronda Rousey here. And had I not thought Ben Henderson lost his second fight to Frankie Edgar, I’d have taken him. But it has to be Silva. He won the biggest fight of the year in serious fashion and when the UFC needed a main event badly, he stepped in at heavyweight and put on another show. The man is just excellent. He’s the Willie Mays of MMA.

Show Of The Year

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UFC On Fox 4 – Brandon Vera Vs. Shogun Rua Play By Play

How did Brandon Vera get a main event on Fox you say? I really don’t know myself. You can probably blame all the injuries and some of the lack of depth in the light heavyweight division. The reality of the situation is that Brandon Vera shouldn’t be in this main event. In fact, we should be seeing Shogun vs. Machida III and let Vera and Bader fight on the undercard. But, that wasn’t the case and we get to see Brandon Vera, who is many many years away from his peak. He has a natural story and UFC fans have seen him for a very long time, but what’s the upside of him winning? There really isn’t because he’s already been destroyed by Jon Jones. However, I’m kind of rooting for it. I would love to see Dana White and Joe Silva have to just throw their plans away and say that instead, Alexander Gustafsson will get the shot. Jones has already beating Shogun, Machida, Bader, and Vera. What’s the upside? There isn’t one.

1. DaMarques Johnson vs. Mike Swick

Exciting first round – Swick landed some bombs and Johnson was rocked, but he put his head down and started swinging hard and caught Swick, who had to back off. On the feet, Swick probably got the better of the exchanges, but when they went to the ground, it was Johnson’s game. He had Swick on his back, tried a D’Arce choke and was just stronger on top. Swick could do nothing from the bottom.

Wow. Swick caught Johnson’s leg, pushed him down and landed three shots on the button from the top and Johnson was out.

Winner: Mike Swick by way of 2nd round TKO

2. Jamie Varner vs. Joe Lauzon
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WEC 51 Play By Play – Jose Aldo Vs. Manny Gamburyan

This show was delayed on Versus because of UFL football. Wow.

On paper, this is the best MMA card since UFC 117. Yet, I still think it lacked in promotion. The world of fight fans needed to know everything about this card beforehand and as closely as I follow this stuff, I still wasn’t really sure this was happening until earlier this week. I knew about it, but it just wasn’t pushed hard enough.

1. Mark Hominick vs. Leonard Garcia

I know Garcia’s the fan favorite here especially after his fight with the Korean Zombie, but Hominick has to be way too quick for him right?

While Garcia is swinging hard, Hominick’s defending them well. He was the one stalking Garcia and hitting him with more shots. It looks like he knows exactly the type of combination that Garcia is throwing. Garcia’s counterpunching is terrible so far. Hominick is hitting him in the face and Garcia is swinging long and wildly back. I’d give the round to Hominick.

Carmelo Anthony was shown in the front row and was booed by the crowd. I guess they think he’s getting traded. Hominick is just the much better boxer. People think that because you have knockout power, it makes you a good boxer. Garcia isn’t near the quality boxer that Hominick is and it shows. His strikes are sharper, varied, and shorter than Garcia’s. I’m still not sure if Garcia is hitting him all that much or hitting his hands and arms blocking the punches.

Garcia continues to throw a lead high kick that hasn’t landed once and he’s fallen on his ass a couple times from throwing it. Garcia also telegraphs his punches vocally and he’s exhausted. Hominick’s best shot so far has been a counter left hook. He’s caught Garcia with it twice in the fight thus far.

Winner: Mark Hominick by split decision

I’m not sure how Hominick lost a round, let alone lose two rounds on one card.

2. George Roop vs. Chan Sung Jung

Much of the fight was Roop circling. And circling. Weird round to score. The entire round, you’re waiting for the Korean Zombie to just open up and he did on occasion, but not enough. I wonder if Roop gets the round just for his defense and landing a shot here and there.

Well, Jung may need a knew nickname. Roop hit him with a head kick that knocked him out immediately. As Jung was going down, it looks like he may have popped himself on the forehead, cutting him on the way down.

Winner: George Roop by way of 2nd round TKO

3. Charlie Valencia vs. Miguel Angel Torres

Very slow start to this fight. Torres worked himself inside and threw some uppercuts and pushed Valencia against the fence. Valencia used his left leg to block future knees by raising it while in the clinch. Torres kicked him right in the ball sack. Torres’ right hand is cocked right under his ear. He rushes in and catches Valencia with a combination and it looks like a left hook knocks Valencia to the ground with about ten seconds left. He can’t finish him on the ground and Valencia slips out and actually has him in a fireman’s carry-like maneuver before the round ends.

Torres got him back to the ground with punches as he landed a big shot and Valencia crouched near a cage. He got his back and worked hard to get the rear naked choke. He put him in a body triangle and finally submitted him with the rear naked.

Winner: Miguel Torres by way of 2nd round submission

4. Pablo Garza vs. Tiequan Zhang

Zhang had Garza on his back and went for a guillotine, rolled over and crossed his legs over Garza’s back and got the choke. Zhang’s nickname is The Mongolian Wolf.

Winner: Tiequan Zhang by way of 1st round submission

5. Donald Cerrone vs. Jamie Varner

Cerrone came out quickly and nailed Varner with a big knee. Varner was running away trying to catch his wits again. Cerrone got a takedown, but Varner was up quickly. Varner was throwing big shots, but Cerrone was walking through them. This fight isn’t going to go all three rounds. Cerrone looks truly mad in there. He dropped Varner with a short left.

Cerrone is using his reach fantastically. Varner is throwing huge punches, but Cerrone is stepping away slightly and coming back with big shots of his own. Cerrone took Varner down again. Cerrone’s up 2-0.

Cerrone knocked Varner backwards with a stiff high kick. But Varner throw the best shot of the fight which was an overhand right. But Cerrone walked though it again. Varner’s bleeding pretty badly. Cerrone got another takedown. Varner looked like his will was gone at the end of the fight. He looked at the clock twice in the last 30 seconds and even stopped fighting with about 2 seconds left. They bumped fists at the end, but Cerrone kind of pushed him off and Varner pushed him in the back.

Winner: Donald Cerrone by way of unanimous decision

All the scores were 30-27. The fight was really good, but not fight of the year like they were trying to sell. Cerrone asked Varner to fight once more, but then said he didn’t really want any title shots. He’s a good promo, but sometimes he talks nonsensically. Varner says that Cerrone has become a much better fighter.

6. Manny Gamburyan vs. Jose Aldo

Gamburyan started off the round with a straight right but Aldo just shook it off like it was nothing. He just pretty much stalked him the entire round. He’d faint a right hand and then just kick the hell out of Manny’s knee. The problem is that Manny’s lack of reach is killing him. He can’t get inside to land anything. Aldo is going to stay outside and just pick him apart it seems.

Aldo landed an uppercut that put Manny on all fours and he quickly followed it up with lighting fast punches on the ground. It’s over.

Winner: Jose Aldo by way of 2nd round TKO

Aldo needs to be in the UFC at 155. He’s what Anderson Silva used to be.