Top Five – RIP Perro Aguayo Jr.

RIP Perro Aguayo

Our top five this week is dedicated to the life and memory of Perro Aguayo Jr.

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Roman Karmazin VS Dionisio Miranda Video

Friday Night Fights kicked off its 2010 season with this tremendous back and forth battle between middleweights Roman Karmazin (40-3-1) and Dionisio Miranda (20-5-2). This was an IBF title eliminator to determine the next challenger for Sebastian Sylvester. Here is another chance to see the final few moments of the fight for anyone who may have missed it.

Friday Night Fights – Efren Hinojosa Vs. Robert Guerrero

Robert Guerrero has been receiving a ton of flack for telling a referee in his last fight that he couldn’t see after taking a head butt which opened up a cut. In the boxing game, it’s a near crime to not continue a fight unless you are simply unable.

What’s interesting to me is that Guerrero was butted and it was still his responsibility to fight with a cut that was because of the irresponsibility of the other fighter. But that’s just the way the fight game is. You have a responsibility to your fans and the people who paid in the building to put on the best show possible. And when he didn’t tell the referee that he could fight without a doubt, he was roundly criticized.

This is his chance at redemption in a sense. He’s fighting in front of a San Jose crowd, which is just 20 miles north of his hometown Gilroy, CA.

Efren Hinojosa vs. Robert Guerrero

Teddy Atlas thinks Guerrero will be able to score with the straight left and right hook. Good round for Guerrero. He stood right in front of Hinojosa and just waited for him to throw a shot and he answered back. Atlas also said that Guerrero never really tries to land his jab. He just uses it to throw his left behind.

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