Looking Back – Thomas Hearns Vs Roberto Duran

Thomas Hearns vs Roberto Duran

This is supplemental material to our podcast series The Fabulous Four. Our fifth episode, up tomorrow, discusses this fight in heavy detail.

The Stage

June 15, 1984

Thomas Hearns: 38-1 with 30 KOs, WBC Light Middleweight champion
Roberto Duran: 77-5 with 57 KOs

Duan: Duran has that listless look he had in New Orleans. The fire from his three previous fights just isn’t there in this one. Where is the menace? There’s a belief that a boxer will alway know himself when he’s cut corners in preparation. They can pull the wool over the people’s eyes, but they can’t fool themselves. I think we’ve seen that throughout Roberto’s career. When the groundwork hasn’t been done, it shows up in his demeanor on fight night. Continue reading