Ranking WrestleMania – Part 4

ranking WrestleMania

Check out part four of our series of posts ranking WrestleMania.

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WrestleMania 30 For 30 – WrestleMania VII

WrestleMania 30 For 30

In the latest episode of WrestleMania 30 For 30, Jason, Big D and GG discuss in WrestleMania VII in heavy detail.

We discuss why the show was taken out of the LA Coliseum, the Gulf War’s relation to the show, what the main event was scheduled to be early on, and why The Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage was one of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all-time.

This is the most comprehensive WrestleMania VII review you’ll hear in podcast form.

If you’ve missed any of our WrestleMania 30 For 30 podcasts, just click on the WrestleMania 30 For 30 tag to find them.

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WrestleMania 30 For 30 – WrestleMania IV

WrestleMania IV podcast

After the huge show that was WrestleMania III, Superfriends Universe and Fight Game Blog now bring you, our WrestleMania 30 for 30 – WrestleMania IV podcast.

How did the WWF follow up one of their best shows ever? They continued the Andre The Giant vs. Hulk Hogan storyline, yet neither man was champion at the end of the night.

Join Big D, Jason, and I for a comprehensive discussion about WrestleMania IV.

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Thoughts On The Macho Man

The first time I ever watched wrestling, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were fighting over Elizabeth. But since Liz was with Savage at the time, that made Hogan a heel to me… and ever since. And of course, Savage became my favorite wrestler.

The first PPV I ever saw, and ended up watching over and over again was WrestleMania IV, with Savage winning the tournament. I was a kid, and I loved his music. Loved the way he and Elizabeth changed their attire for each match, and marked out big time each time his music hit when he won a match. I used to listen to Pomp and Circumstance all the time, especially to hear the bom bom BOM BOM BOM BOM BOMMMM before the ‘graduation music’ hit. Always gave me shivers, and you can imagine what I was thinking about when I graduated from high school.

Savage was always a great promo, showing intensity you never see these days. His wild eyes, his gravelly voice, his stiff movements, the way it looked like he was going to explode at any minute… it made for fascinating viewing.
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Video Vault – Fight for Wife… The RIGHT Way

So Triple H’s growl face two weeks ago on Monday Night may have shocked a lot of viewers and others laughed at his ridiculous visage. It was like he was going “grumble grumble grumble”. This idea of the husband fighting for his wife’s honor is all too familiar. Randy and Liz were the most famous couple in professional wrestling, bar none. The minute somebody even got CLOSE to Elizabeth, even including his tag team partner Hulk Hogan; Randy would become a Savage.

The issue is, as I have stated many times, Stephanie McMahon is just not a likable character. From Elizabeth’s debut and throughout the 80s she was a lovely, kind-hearted, innocent babyface despite managing an insane crazy person who hospitalized Ricky Steamboat! Elizabeth always dressed glamorously and always stood by her man through thick and thin.

Stephanie has been a heel throughout the majority of her run and even though the WWE does have a new fanbase of people who didn’t watch her dump trash all over Trish Stratus, slap her mother, or try to put the WWF out of business, she was being a bitch just a few months ago! She boots Shane off TV, has a snobby attitude, and goes around slapping wrestlers. Did Elizabeth ever slap somebody that didn’t have it coming?

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