Top Five – Kevin Owens Beats John Cena At Elimination Chamber

Kevin Owens beats John Cena


What were the top stories last week?

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PREMIER: Sledge Vs. Cobb Recap

PREMIER: Sledge Vs. Cobb


On Sunday evening at the I F D E S Lodge-Portuguese Hall in Gilroy, CA, Premier held their anniversary show. I’ve been to their last three shows and each was entertaining, yet in different ways. The first show (Cobb vs. Tannen) was my introduction to the Premier style which is to present wrestling as a sport, with a UFC type presentation. The second show featured Jeff Cobb defending his Premier Heavyweight Championship against Oliver John in one of the best matches I’ve ever seen live. And while this show didn’t have that type of match (though Dave Dutra and J.R. Kratos had a very good match), every single match was quality and it was a well-rounded card. Continue reading

Premier: Cobb Vs. Tannen Recap

Premier: Cobb vs. Tannen

On a rare non-49ers fall Sunday, I was able to check out a local wrestling promotion called Premier with some friends including our own Cadillac Don, Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, Tommy Norcal, and Dave’s two good friends. President John LaRocca mentioned that since the 49ers were scheduled to play on Thursday the week before rather than Sunday, they decided to hold the event to take advantage of the open Sunday. The show was held at a small venue in downtown Gilroy called Nine Lives Club. I took my kids to see X Factor group Playback there earlier in January. Let’s just say that the crowds were vastly different. Continue reading