The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 Finale – Mayhem Miller Vs. Michael Bisping Play By Play

Mayhem Miller and Michael Bisping brought a little fire back onto The Ultimate Fighter after a coaches’ friendlier version last season. It was well needed too. The show is on its last legs of the current revision, but thanks to Michael Bisping as one of the great heels going today and Mayhem as the goofy good guy, as well as some exciting fights from the bantamweight and featherweight guys, it was a really good season. Next season, the show moves to FX and the fight is live every Friday night.

1. Louis Gaudinot vs. Johnny Bedford

Bedford tooled him the entire round. He was on top of him and in the mount for most of the round with Gaudinot only able to cover up because he couldn’t buck him off. Near the end of the round he was back to his feet but took a lot of punishment and his eyes show it.

Bedford had Gaudinot up against the cage and he was unleashing punches, but he doesn’t have much power. He took it back to the ground. He beat up Gaudinot more on the ground and basically just got bored, and maneuvered into an arm bar. He couldn’t separate Gaudinot’s hands as the bell ended. Gaudinot may be stopped in the next round.

Bedford landed a pretty vicious knee that sent Gaudinot down and he followed up with some ground and pound and finally got the stoppage. Thankfully.

Winner: Johnny Bedford by way of 3rd round TKO

2. Tony Ferguson vs. Yves Edwards

Fantastic first round. Edwards looked really good for about 2 1/2 minutes. He was landing some nice counter punches and had Ferguson off-balanced. But Ferguson has the heavier hands and landed the bigger shots. Edwards spend the last minute of the fight trying to stay on his feet. Ferguson has him timed a lot better now.

Edwards surprisingly bloodied Ferguson’s nose. Rogan keeps saying that Edwards’ shots aren’t flush or as on the money as Ferguson’s, but the blood says differently. Ferguson is throwing a lead uppercut. Ferguson tried to steal the round at the end with a takedown. Edwards tried too, but he was stuffed.

Another strong and competitive round. These last two rounds were hard to score. I think I’d give the fight to Ferguson because he was setting the pace and landing the more consistent shots. Edwards was hard to root against though. He was throwing a lot of high kicks and fought a really strong fight.

Winner: Tony Ferguson by unanimous decision

The scores were 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.

3. John Dodson vs. TJ Dillashaw
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The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 – Episode 9

I’m a little bummed out that we’re nearly done with the season. I believe there are just two episodes left including this one. It’s been a fantastic season. The fights have been good and the back and forth between Mayhem and Bisping has been good as well.

Dustin handed a goody bag to a homeless man on his way to the gym. Dustin fights TJ on this show.

The house had a BBQ and invited Mayhem and his coaches. Dustin was challenged to eat a cockroach for some money. And he decided to take the challenge for 60 bones. Come on Mayhem! Bring out more cash for that.

Mayhem and Bisping are playing air hockey for $10,000 in a best out of five games. Bisping takes the first game 7-1. He takes the second game 7-4. Mayhem takes the third game 7-5 before Bisping wins the entire thing by winning his third game 7-4. He jumped on top of the air hockey table with the money and then fell on his back and hit his head when he tried to get off.

Dustin Pague vs. TJ Dillashaw

Pague was on his back for much of the first round. Dillashaw is able to get off first and his short and quick punches are doing more damage than Pague’s longer strikes. Dillashaw no sold a nasty knee.

Second round was similar, but Pague was able to land shots from the bottom. Still took a bit of a beating. Dillashaw landed some shots and then immediately went for the takedown. Pague can’t get off his back.

Brutal ground fight. Dillashaw was nailing him with hammer fists. Dillashaw was setting up his takedowns with nasty body shots.

Winner: TJ Dillashaw by way of unanimous decision

Two judges scored it 30-26 and one judge scored it 30-27.

Next week are the last two fights until the finale.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 – Episode 4

Louis with the green hair lets Bisping know what the next fight is, so he gets his guy ready by throwing wrestlers at him. It’s Stephen Bass who is fighting for Team Bisping. Bisping roughed him up a bit and gave him a black eye.

Bisping didn’t show up to the fight announcement. Mayhem chooses Dennis Bermudez to face Bass, just like they figured. Bermudez lost his last two fights before coming on the show and he equates losing with dying. Bass thinks he’s too big for Bermudez.

Dennis Bermudez vs. Stephen Bass

Bermudez took him down and was raining hands down on Bass. Bass wasn’t even really fighting back but he was trying to defend himself. He took an beating for most of the round. Bermudez couldn’t put him away.

Bermudez started the second like the first. He came in and landed some shots. Then he landed a big knee and Bass went down. I thought he was done, but he grabbed his foot and was able to keep him off for a bit. But Bermudez was back on top of him, hitting him on the side of his head and trying for his back. Mayhem was yelling at the referee to stop it because Bass wasn’t intelligently defending himself. It was finally stopped.

Winner: Dennis Bermudez by 2nd round TKO

Bisping tells his team to listen to the coaching all while Bass had ice on his face and looked miserable. Bass says that he’s a terrible follower. Ha!
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