2010 FGB Awards – Pro Wrestling

In the US, pro wrestling was down because WWE was down. TNA was more putrid than ever, which is a shame because they started 2010 with such high hopes. ROH and Dragon Gate USA continue to put out a product that, for the most part, their audiences like, but their audiences are small and hardcore. And based on what Alan has said, there’s some great stuff in some of the bigger independent organizations.

There’s always good stuff. Sometimes, you just have to dig. Alan, Duan, myself, and Stevie J from Angry Marks have listed our picks for our awards. Also, we have Big D making his return to the site for “One Night Only”, giving his thoughts as well. You can find D at Superfriends Universe.

Most Outstanding Wrestler Of The Year

Alan – Chris Hero

Career year for Metropolis’ finest. He tore it up in NOAH, PWG, ROH, EVOLVE and wXw during the course of the year, having one great match after another. Shined in both singles and tags (as part of the Kings Of Wrestling). His matches with Akira Tozawa, the Briscoes, Martin Stone and Davey Richards were crazy good.

Duan – John Cena

Another brilliant year for Cena. He delivered his best work when needed and remains the best reason to tune into WWE TV.

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The minds behind FIP and ROH Open EVOLVE Wrestling

FIP Owner Sal Hamaoui, FIP Champion/ROH Tag Team Champion Davey Richards, and former ROH/FIP booker and current Dragon Gate USA booker Gabe Sapolski, possibly believing that ROH’s days are numbered, have opened a new wrestling promotion for the Northeast entitled EVOLVE. Hamaoui recently has made a bid to be granted a New York State promoter’s license, which is the first step.

The project has been worked on in secrecy for months and I heard clues and hints about it at the last FIP show I attended, but as usual they worked me. Bastards. Seriously though, this partially explains the union between Dragon Gate and FIP as now Sal plans to expand into the Northeast market.

The company is beginning the tease with an online viral campaign, starting with this YouTube video, teasing the birth of the company.

The company’s homepage is already in effect over at www.EVOLVEwrestling.com. There is no word as to whether or not they will feature Dragon Gate talent, but I have a feeling that they will. Will they compete against Ring of Honor? Well considering DGUSA is running in Arizona the same day that ROH is for Wrestlemania weekend, that seems to be the case. I don’t know if competing for the same 2000 or so fans is that great of an idea, but whatever.

I’m excited to see what this trio can come up with!

Davey Richards Explains Evolving And Taking The Torch From Bryan Danielson

FGB’s own Alan sent me this great promo by Davey Richards where he explains why he’s the best in the game.

Full Impact Pro – Fallout 2009 Live Report

Full Impact Pro returned to Crystal River, Florida and presented their “Fallout 2009” event, headlined by two steel cage matches (as if we don’t have enough of those this weekend) for the two top championships in the company and to settle feuds and there were a few surprising twists along the way. Ron Bass was there also signing autographs and taking pictures.

Johnathan Gold welcomed us as usual and put over the double cage main event.

Match #1: Caleb Konley defeated QC Marshall. This was the first time that I’d ever seen either of these two (keep in mind, I have not attended an FIP show since February and have only read results since). Caleb Konnely is your basic undercard babyface and kind of reminds me of a 2005 Chris Sabin. QC Marshall plays a borderline-gay gimmick where he dresses in all pink, wears a boa, and calls himself “the man with the sexiest face”. A decent opener. Caleb won with a unique move where he half-applied a cobra clutch, then dropped QC’s head over his knee. (*1/2)

Johnathan Gold put over the 2009 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Tournament show in November, an annual Florida event that is usually very good and features a good crop of indy talent.

Match #2: Bruce Santee defeated Slyck Sweezy. Bruce Santee is a very popular indy worker in Florida, but I’d never seen Slyck Sweezy before. Slyck came out with some of the most unusual ring gear I’d ever seen; lime green tights, a green jacket, and a green hat. Green was the appropriate word to describe Slyck *rimshot*. No, but seriously, he did fine. Santee got the advantage early and then started to do a series of crazy exercise themed poses, allowing Slyck to get the heat. He beat on him for a bit until Santee hulked up and won with a variation of a side slam. Decent match designed to give Santee some wins. (*3/4)
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Dragon Gate USA “Open the Historic Gate” Results and Thoughts

Open the Historic Gate Full Results (Thanks to wikipedia):

– Lince Dorado defeated Cheech, Cloudy, Johnny Gargano, Chris Jones, Louis Linden, Aaron Arbo, and Andy Harper in an 8-Way Fray Dark Match. This will not be on the PPV or DVD.
– Yamato defeated BxB Hulk
– 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Ken Doane
– The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant), Jigsaw and Mike Quackenbush defeated F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Gran Akuma), Amasis from the Osirian Portal and Hallowicked in the Chikara 8-Man Tag Match
– Dragon Kid defeated Masato Yoshino
– The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) defeated Warriors-5 (CIMA and Susumu Yokosuka) – Open The Dream Gate & Brave Gate Champion Naruki Doi defeated Shingo to retain the title

This is not the type of site that typically just has random results from cards without some kind of meaning. To me, the meaning of this is the show itself. I’ve been looking forward to “Open The Historic Gate” for months and months. This is a very historic show and a historic moment for independent wrestling. Possibly the first time that a Japanese wrestling company has legitimately tried to expand into North America and been wildly successful, and they had the ECW Arena rockin. While DGUSA did not sell out the building, tickets were moved quicker for this show than perhaps any debut show for an independent in the history of the US. “Open the Historic Gate” was indeed historic and I can not WAIT to see what else happens. Former ROH Booker Gabe Sapolski, who was fired from his position a little under a year ago (possibly due to jealous eyes), and now, with recharged batteries and along with the most talented roster of young wrestlers on Earth, plans to take Dragon Gate USA into the next stratosphere.

Open The Historic Gate will be broadcast on Pay-Per-View as “Enter the Dragon” on September 4th, 2009. From what I’ve read – you MUST buy this show!

Next up Chicago will host Open the Untouchable Gate, featuring the two MVPs of ROH, “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson and Davey Richards. Add some Chikara and DG talent and you’ve got the recipe for another unbelievable show.

Alan dammit we’re doing it! We’re doin it baby!!!

Be sure to check DGUSA.tv for updates.

Lineup for Sunday’s Huge NOAH Budokan Show

Thanks to www.purolove.com for the lineup.

This promises to be one of the best shows of the year. NOAH’s on a roll right now with a change in booking philosophy, and several of it’s wrestlers being on fire.

The top three matches are ridiculously good on paper. The NOAH vs. NJPW tag will look to continue where the Tokyo Dome left off, with Go Shiosaki and Milano stepping in for Misawa and Goto respectively. The two stars of the 1/4 match, Nakamura and Sugiura, are still in place though and will no doubt be fired up every time they cross paths in this match.

Nakajima and KENTA just put on a MOTYC three weeks ago and that will be hard to top, but these crazy S.O.B’s will no doubt try. KENTA is pretty clearly the best wrestler in the world based on form in the last three months. He has never looked better and considering some of his prior years, that’s really saying something.

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