The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey Vs. Team Tate – Episode 4 Recap

Rousey vs. Tate episode 4

Let’s get the recap started for Rousey vs. Tate episode 4.

Ronda doesn’t think highly of Team Tate for picking Roxanne Modafferi vs. Jessica Rakoczy as Rakoczy had shoulder issues after her fight to get inside the house.

Dennis Hallman is helping out Team Tate and he doesn’t take lightly to Ronda’s striking coach giving Bryan Caraway the evil eye. Hallman called him out and wanted to fight him. He said he would fight him right there. Ronda stopped him because she didn’t want him to get kicked out of the house. But it didn’t stop her from getting in Hallman’s face and telling him to man up when the cameras are away. Continue reading

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey Vs. Team Tate – Episode 3 Recap

Rousey vs. Tate

Even though she lost, I still hope Shayna Bazler gets into the UFC. She definitely deserves to be there. But WAR Julianna Pena man. Her robotic striking may eventually be her downfall, but she hits hard.

For Rousey vs. Tate episode 3, it’s Chris Holdsworth vs. Chris Beal. Continue reading

The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 – Episode 10

We’re down to the final actual episode of the Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV. The season finale is this weekend and tonight, we’ll see which other two fighters make it.

Dodson says this fight is different because his opponent (Johnny Bedford) is standing right there watching him. Bedford wants him because he was the mole. Mayhem says that he’ll let the guys choose which assistant coaches they want in their corner and he’ll sit off to the side and just watch.

Dodson says he has a Napoleon complex.

Johnny Bedford vs. John Dodson

It’s 5’10 vs. 5’3. Jeez Dodson, at least say that you’re 5’5.

Pretty close first round. Bedford had some nice counter strikes early on. But Dodson is a problem for him. Whenever he gets in close, he gets punched with a short hook. Both men got takedowns. Bedford looks frustrated.

Bedford rocked him a bit early in the round, but Dodson caught him with a short hook and he went down. Dodson followed up with rapid fire shots on the ground and it was over.

Winner: John Dodson by 2nd round TKO

Bryan Caraway says he’s thrown up before 30 of his 33 fights. Mayhem tries to hype him up a bit. If I had to fight crazy Diego, I’d throw up before the fight too.

On the last night in the house, Mayhem parties with the guys and starts riding his bike while in his underwear. He then jumps into the pool with his bike.

Bryan Caraway vs. Diego Brandao

Diego threw a left hook that put a hole in the door while coming out.

This was one of the poorer stoppages I’ve seen in a while. Diego was all over him and was drilling him with shots on the ground. He took a ton of unnecessary punishment. Caraway had that look on his face that said, “Get me out of here.” Diego is a mini-Mike Tyson.

Winner: Diego Brandao by 1st round TKO

Diego calls out Dennis for talking shit. Dennis looked over to whoever was to his left and said he didn’t say anything. He already looked scared.

Bisping tells Mayhem, “Welcome to the UFC.” Mayhem has already fought in the UFC before buddy.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 – Episode 2

On a show where small guys have to keep their weight down, of course they stuffed their face with a first day BBQ. Mayhem Miller always talks like he has a dip in his cheek.

Michael Bisping wins the coin toss and he wants the first pick. Miller gets to pick the first fight.

The bantams: Bisping takes Louis Gaudinot (guy with green hair). Miller takes John Dodson. Bisping takes TJ Dillashaw. Miller goes Johnny Bedford. Bisping goes with John Albert. Miller goes with Dustin Pague. Josh Ferguson goes to Bisping. Roland Delorme goes to Miller.

The feathers: Bisping takes Diego Brandao. Miller goes with Dennis Bermudez. Bisping chooses Akira Corassani. Miller goes with Bryan Caraway. Miller goes with Marcus Brimage. Miller goes with Dustin Neace. Stephen Bass goes with Bisping. Steven Siler is the last pick for Miller.

Miller says that Bisping’s guys don’t look like they want to be on his team. Bisping calls Miller a Strikeforce reject. Miller seems super excited to work with these guys, unlike some of the coaches we’ve seen in the past.

Miller brings in these space suits that helps rejuvenate the body like a full body blood pressure machine.

Miller picks Bryan Caraway to fight Marcus Brimage. Bisping doesn’t think Caraway has the killer instinct. Miller says Caraway is much more talented.
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WEC 46 Live Play By Play – Jamie Varner Vs. Ben Henderson Plus The Return Of Urijah Faber

I am live at WEC 46 and will be live blogging this show. Hopefully I’ll have a little bit of arena sound for a later edition of FGB Radio and some photos that we can post online as well.

I drove out here to Sacramento mainly to see Urijah Faber in his hometown, but the main event between Jamie Varner and Ben Henderson should be dynamite as well.

Cactus Jim is here as well, but he’s sitting in the front row.

1. Will Campuzano vs. Ox Wheeler

Sacramento is not full, but there are already a lot of folks here so far.

Very entertaining first round. Campuzano threw at least 5 flying knees. Wheeler’s strategy was to try to get to the ground so he’d try to catch his leg and take him down and leg lock him. Wasn’t working. Campuzano won the first.

Wheeler is taking a beating. Campuzano is lighting him up standing and Wheeler has zero stand-up defense. Wheeler pulled Campuzano into a guillotine but couldn’t hang on. Close to a 10-8 round if not for the guillotine.

Give Wheeler credit for lasting, but he took major punishment. His face is going to look like raw hamburger meat tomorrow. 30 more seconds and it might’ve been stopped.

Winner: Will Campuzano by way of unanimous decision.

2. George Roop vs. Eddie Wineland
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