UFC 139 – Shogun Rua Vs. Dan Henderson Play By Play

UFC is coming from San Jose, CA, my home town, and while I’m not there to give the live play by play, Cactus Jim is there and will be sending in his live thoughts to pepper in with my play by play. He has live thoughts on the full undercard here: http://fightgameblog.com/2011/11/ufc-139-undercard-results-with-live-thoughts/.

The main event is a battle of Pride stars, so there’s a historical slant to this card. With Wanderlei Silva in the semi-main event, I have a feeling lots of Pride fans who don’t currently watch a ton of UFC, may be checking this show out tonight.

There’s also a San Jose flavor to the show with Kyle Kingsbury, Cung Le, and Urijah Faber (close by) all on the show.

Cactus Jim said the crowd might not be rooting for Le necessarily. He said: I think Wanderlei is going to be the crowd favorite in his fight. Definitely not like the Strikeforce reaction to the pre-fight Cung Le footage. Lots of boos.

1. Kyle Kingsbury vs. Stephan Bonnar

The first round was a good slugfest. Bonnar pushed the pace and didn’t let Kingsbury get into any kind of rhythm. He bloodied his nose with a big right hand. Kingsbury looks strong and wanted to make it physical, but Bonnar was all over him. Strong round for Bonnar.

Round two was completely different. Bonnar immediately took it to the ground and controlled Kingsbury the entire round. He tried to little brother him, but Kingsbury is so strong.

Cactus Jim said: Big pop for the old balls on the nose move.

Round three was more of the same. Cactus Jim said the crowd was getting restless at Bonnar continually in side control and Kingsbury not able to do anything.

Winner: Stephan Bonnar by way of unanimous decision

Bonnar got two 10-8 rounds on one card. He also apologized to Josh Koscheck for printing the shirts when he asked him not to.

Cain Velasquez was in the crowd in a blue Mick Foley shirt and said he’d be back.

I think Martin Kampmann is coming down to the ring to Three 6 Mafia’s It’s A Fight from the Rocky Balboa soundtrack.

2. Rick Story vs. Martin Kampmann

Great first round. Both guys came out throwing big shots. Kampmann started to use his length near the end of the round. Story was getting inside and really dictating where the fight was going. Kampmann was cut off a huge right, and Story was also cut in the round. Cactus Jim thought Story won a close round and if I had to choose, I’d go him as well. Could’ve been a 10-10 too.
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UFC 139 Preview – Shogun Rua Vs. Dan Henderson

UFC 139 is a bit of a throwaway show and that’s too bad. I was never sold on Dan Henderson vs. Shogun Rua as the main event, but ever since Dana White took Cain Velasquez from San Jose for the first Fox show, I guess it’s as good of a follow up as they’re going to get. One thing will be for certain: the fight should be exciting.

The two other big fights on the card have ties to the area. Cung Le is San Jose’s own so he should get an amazing reaction live. And Urijah Faber is just a few hours away and he should be a popular fighter for the home crowd as well.

The FGB crew along with friend of the site JP and Stevie J from Angrymarks, have predictions for the the top three fights of this show.

Brian Bowles vs. Urijah Faber

Duan: Bowles by decision
Alan: Faber by 2nd round decision
Stevie: Bowles by 2nd round TKO
JP: Faber by decision
Big D: Faber by decision
Cactus Jim: Bowles by decision
GG: Faber by decision

Duan says:

Even though these two are roughly the same age, there’s a lot more miles on the Faber clock. This guy has been in some proper hard fights. He’s probably on the downward slide, while I still feel Bowles is advancing with each fight. He’s that bit fresher and I just think he will prove to have too much for Faber.

Alan says:

I’ve been a Brian Bowles fan longer than anyone. I think he’s an awesome fighter in every way. That said, I think Urijah might just be a bit too cagey for him and can weather his storm before getting an opening himself. I think he’ll get a good position on the ground and tap Bowles out.

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UFC On Versus – Diego Sanchez Vs. Martin Kampmann Play By Play

MMA on cable is good for the soul. I think this card snuck up on people because of it being on a Thursday. It’s pretty close to what you’d expect to a Fight Night card on Spike based on the caliber of fighters. It’s also the first card on Versus since WEC ended.

Smartly, they made the first fight an old WEC fight.

1. Damacio Page vs. Brian Bowles

This fight showed me that Bowles deserves a rematch with Dominick Cruz. Page came out strong, but he was all over Page. He throws his right hand with ferocity. He was landing punches and kicks, rocked Page with an uppercut and then choked him out with a guillotine. It was an impressive victory.

Winner: Brian Bowles by way of 1st round submission

2. Todd Brown vs. Igor Pokrajac

Brown looked good early on with a strategic game plan of hitting and then clinching so he wouldn’t get hit. But a head kick by Pokrajac turned the fight around. A knee to the head against the cage at the end of the round dropped Brown and though he lasted the round, he couldn’t get up and the fight was stopped.

Winner: Igor Pokrajac by way of 1st round TKO

3. Chris Weidman vs. Alessio Sakara
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WEC 47 Play By Play – Bowles Vs. Cruz

After attending WEC 46 in person, I was quite interested in WEC 48, even though 49 is the big upcoming PPV. But with Brian Bowles and Dominick Cruz on the show, as well as Miguel Torres, it should be very good.

1. Bart Palaszewski vs. Karen Darabedyan

This was a good first fight. Darabedyan had Palaszewski up against the cage early on and was throwing some huge right/left combinations. It looked like we were on our way to a quick stoppage. But Palaszewski kept working from the bottom and grabbed onto a shoulder first, then started working towards are arm bar, and he finally got it later in the round.

Winner: Palaszewski by way of 1st round submission

Palaszewski said that Darabedyan kept leaving his arm out there.

2. Deividas Taurosevicius vs. LC Davis
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2009 Fight Game Blog Awards – MMA

This is the MMA installment of our 2009 year end awards. We gave out the pro wrestling awards on Tuesday. We’ll hand out the boxing awards next.

Friend of FGB, JP joined us with his awards.


Fighter Of The Year
Big D – Jose Aldo

The man is a machine. Had Lyoto not lost to Shogun, he would’ve secured this spot.

Alan – Jose Aldo

Fought more than most other contenders and looked spectacular every time out. Win over Mike Brown cemented him as legit.

Duan – Lyoto Machida

Machida went 3-0 against top competition in 2009, and picked up the UFC light heavyweight title along the way. He proved himself as the division’s best by outclassing Silva and Evans. A near perfect year was only marred by a disappointing performance against Rua in October, but he still left with his undefeated record intact.

JP – Lyoto Machida

The Dragon and B.J. Penn were the only two champions to fight three times in 2009 and Machida won all three of his matches. He showed he had knockout power when he handed both Thiago Silva and Rashad Evans their first career losses by way of KO. Then he won a close decision against Shogun Rua in one of the most technically astounding fights I’ve seen. 2009 saw Machida claim the belt, defeat three talented opponents, and has put Lyoto into the Greatest Ever debate.

Cactus Jim – Gegard Mousasi

3-0 this year, not just beating, but finishing Hunt, Sobral and Sokoudjou. He won the Strikeforce LH title and successfully defended. This man may be part terminator.

GG – Georges St. Pierre

He only fought twice because of injury, but he fought the most dominant rounds of the year. And I think his star hasn’t peaked yet.

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Brian Bowles Knocks Out Miguel Torres At WEC 42

Well, Mike Brown and Brian Bowles are your WEC champions at 145 and 135. Nope, not the charismatic Urijah Faber or the very likable, wacky, and exciting Miguel Torres.

I apologize for not being about to live blog the show as I was out all day, but I did come back to watch the show out of the corner of my eye while working and made sure to catch the main event.

It was a fast first round and Bowles was definitely keeping up with Torres. Torres hit some rapid fire punches that knocked Bowles back into the cage. But Bowles reached back and knocked Torres on his ass with a counter. On the ground, he unloaded on Torres and knocked him completely out, and threw a few punches that landed before the referee was able to stop the fight. It was that quick.

Brian Bowles is your new 135 pound WEC champ.

You can read the rest of the results on F4WOnline.com.