Top Five – Rousey Vs Holm Has A New Date

Ronda Rousey Vs Holly Holm

What were the top stories last week?

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PWG BOLA Countdown Part 5

Apologies for the unexpected hiatus from this, but we’re back rolling with the final 2 names announced…. oh wait what’s that…. they announced 3 names??? What? But that means there’s 17 guys in the tournament. How do you have a tourney with 17 guys? PWG have come up with a nice little way it seems.

TJ Perkins
The former “Puma” is known in SoCal wrestling for being the youngest veteran in the business. Still in his early 20’s, TJ has been working the best part of 10 years (he started in his early to mid teens). After being somewhat out of the limelight in 2006 and 2007, this year has been a big comeback year for Perkins. He turned heel and formed an extremely entertaining team with Hook Bomberry (their team name is TJ Hooker in a stroke of greatness). A motivated and focused TJ Perkins is a scary prospect because the dude has so much talent. It’ll be interesting to see how he fares in BOLA.

Bryan Danielson/Low Ki
Yes, the final entrant is TWO MEN. PWG Commissioner Of Wrestling, Dino Windwood and PWG Commissioner Of Food & Beverage, Excalibur couldn’t agree on who should have the last spot so both men are in. In the next column I’ll look at how this plays into the bracketing which was also announced in the last few days, but for now let’s talk a little about each guy. Low Ki is the current IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion and former PWG Heavyweight Champion. He spent most of the year on the sidelines with an injury which forced him to vacate the PWG belt, but now he’s back and based on recent New Japan shows, is looking as good as ever. Ki is without question a favourite to win the whole thing.

Danielson, of course, also fits the bill of favourite. I’d be here all day listing the credentials of “The Best In The World”, so I won’t bother. I’ll just say that looking at this lineup, there are a ton of great potential matchups for Dragon that we don’t usually get to see (cough Yoshino cough). Hopefully he goes deep in the tournament and we get to see him used to his fullest.

PWG BOLA Countdown Part 4

4 particpants named in the last two days:

“Slick” Nick Jackson
One half of “The Young Buck$” and the only half that isn’t getting married BOLA weekend, so “Slick” Nick is in the tourney. Hopefully he wrestles in a tux coming straight from the reception. Nick is a promising young wrestler with incredible high flying skills and he showed that he can do singles as well as tag when he had an enjoyable match with Brandon Bonham earlier this year. Coming of significant Dragon Gate experience this year, Nick is sure to be much improved and whilst not a favourite to go far, he could well have a memorable match (or two) over the weekend.

Roderick Strong
Another guy that I think everyone’s familiar with at this point. Roddy has yet to win a BOLA but he’s had two impressive showings – reaching the semi’s in 2006 and the final in 2007. He’s had a mixed year in ROH but in recent months he’s started to become more consistent putting together a string of very good matches. Strong always impresses in PWG though so he makes a great addition to the tourney. Hopefully he’s matched up with some smaller flyers because he excels as a base.

Joey Ryan
One of the PWG owners, Joey’s never made much of an impact in BOLA’s past. However he’s been on fire this year, having several great tags with Scott Lost, having one of the brawls of the year with Super Dragon, and of course inventing the most astounding move seen in decades – The Boobplex! Matchups will be key for Joey’s entertainment value this year. There are plenty of matches he could be in that would be tons of fun, but there are some that may not be as interesting.

Nigel McGuinness
The best singles wrestler of 2008, bar none. Nigel is perfect for a tournament like this as he knows how to go out there and have great singles matches with wrestlers of any ilk. We could see him matched up with some of the guys he’s torn the house down with already this year such as Aries, Generico or Strong; or we could see him in new matchups with the likes of Omega, Taylor or Yoshino. Either way, Nigel is sure to bring entertainment and credibility to this years BOLA.

Tomorrow we get the final names announced. Fingers crossed everybody! I WANT DANIELSON~!

PWG Battle Of Los Angeles Countdown Part 3

Two names added today

Necro Butcher
COMING TO A BIG SCREEN NEAR YOU, is the latest entrant into BOLA, The Necro Butcher. Yes the man who has a significant role in the upcoming movie “The Wrestler”. Necro’s been a regular in PWG this year so it’s not surprising at all that he gets his third shot at the BOLA. He provided a memorable match filled with the craziest crap ever in 2006 against Super Dragon and last year decided to take a more technical approach, using a “picture perfect” O’Connor Roll to move through the rounds. Necro will definitely add a unique flavour to the tournament so he’s a solid addition.

Scott Lost
One of the owners of PWG, Lost has been on fire in recent months, taking his wrestling to levels it’s never been. If anyone is going to rival the man I talked about in part 1, Masato Yoshino, for athleticism – it’s Scott Lost. The guy can seemingly do anything and he makes it look so easy. Many people are picking Lost as a dark horse to go far in the tournament. This would not shock me at all and I think his performances this year have earned him a big push. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the man everyone will be talking after this tournament is Scott Lost.

PWG Battle Of Los Angeles Countdown (Part 2)

We continue:

Kenny Omega
Omega is the breakout guy of the year on the indies. He’s actually been around for a couple of years, even briefly having a WWE developmental contract, but it’s this year where he’s truly made his name. He made his ROH debut during the summer and had a memorable tour for the DDT promotion in Japan where he defended his “Anywhere Title” against Kota Ibushi in a crazy match. PWG have obviously taken notice and are giving the master of the Hadouken a chance to make a memorable year even more memorable by taking part in BOLA.

Chris Hero
PWG World Heavyweight Champion, THAT YOUNG KNOCKOUT KID, Chris Hero. The champ’s had a great year in PWG, engaging in a memorable blood feud with Human Tornado. Hero’s got two early exits under his bekt in BOLA’s past so I have a feeling he’ll be given a longer stay in the tournament this time around.

Austin Aries
Not much I can say about Austin Aries. You all know him, you all know how good he is. However he’s yet to have a bigtime classic in PWG, like he has had many times in ROH. So hopefully this years BOLA provides the setting for him to do just that. He’s more than capable of it.

Brandon Bonham
SoCal local that debuted in PWG earlier this year and made alot of people take notice. His match with Nick Jackson during Spring was tremendous fun and I’ve heard great things about his match with Arik Cannon in July. I wouldn’t expect him to get out of Round 1 but I would expect him to have a very good match regardless of who he wrestles.