UFC On Fox Live Coverage – Robbie Lawler Vs Matt Brown

UFC on Fox live coverage

We are live at the former HP Pavilion (now the SAP Center) in San Jose, also the former home of Strikeforce. Check out our UFC on Fox live coverage. Continue reading

Buy Or Fly – UFC 161

Via MMA Canada

Via MMA Canada

With so many UFC shows these days, even as a hardcore fan, I feel like I have to pick and choose. There are some easy buys with UFC shows. Most Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Georges St. Pierre shows fall into that boat. I love watching excellence. But there are also other shows not headlined by those guys that are must buys and it has to do with great match-ups on paper. However, it wasn’t too many years ago that it was a given that I was going to pay for any UFC PPV.

Because it’s not a must-buy show, It wanted to look at UFC 161 to see if on paper, it’s worth purchasing. The reason I say on paper is because on paper, UFC 160 was a fly for me, but the show was actually really good according to all. But, we don’t have that hindsight when we plunk down our $55. Continue reading