UFC Live On Versus – Dan Hardy Vs. Chris Lytle Play By Play

In my house, this show was a definitely second place to SummerSlam tonight so I’m watching it after the fact. You can’t really go wrong with the guys that are on this show though. You have Chris Lytle in his retirement match, Dan Hardy who has been quite the disappointment of late, Ben Henderson, and Jim Miller. While I don’t see it doing a big rating, it should be entertaining.

1. Duane Ludwig vs. Amir Sadollah

This is great booking. Both guys like to bang and can take punishment. Ludwig won the first round simply because Sadollah buckled first. Ludwig rocked him with a right hand which wobbled him, and then caught him with two needs in a row. Sadollah is tough. Ludwig caught him again late in the round. Sadollah tried to take him down once and pushed him up against the cage, but Ludwig’s striking is too good and he was able to create distance and get out of dodge.

Ludwig wins a closer second round. Sadollah got his wind back and fought a nearly draw round. I give it to Bang for landing the cleaner shots, though Sadollah seems to be figuring out Ludwig. Ludwig might be tired as he shot in later in the round, but didn’t really want to take him down.

Sadollah is still eating right hands, but he landed the two biggest shots of the round with kicks. He’s using a push front kick, leg kicks, and landed a head kick too. Both guys are landing big shots. Defense isn’t a premium on this fight. Ludwig’s combinations are still crisp, while Sadollah’s punches are coming a lot slower. Ludwig scored with a takedown near the end of the round. That round was close, but I might give it to Sadollah because of the bigger shots he landed early in the round.

Winner: Duane Ludwig by way of unanimous decision

All three judges had it scored two rounds to one.

2. Donald Cerrone vs. Charles Oliveira

I thought it was odd that Cerrone entered the cage first, but then Goldberg said that Oliveira could be one of the future stars. They fought a fairly even fight with both guys landing kicks. Cerrone’s stand-up was a bit more savvy as he was more unpredictable. Then, he threw a vicious uppercut to the gut that put Oliveira down. He followed up with rapid fire punches and it was over.

Winner: Donald Cerrone by way of 1st round TKO

3. Ben Henderson vs. Jim Miller
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UFC Fight Night Play By Play – Phil Davis Vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

It was originally supposed to be Tito Ortiz vs. Lil’ Nog, and that fight helped sell out the show. But like he does from time to time, Ortiz had to pull out of the fight and it all of a sudden became a much harder fight for Lil’ Nog. Phil Davis and Jon Jones were pegged early on as the next big things. Jones has succeeded. It’s Davis’ turn.

Anthony Johnson hasn’t fought in what seems like forever and he faces Dan Hardy who is on a bit of a losing streak. I don’t think either guy gets cut with a loss, but it still doesn’t look good. And who doesn’t want to see Garcia/Korean Zombie 2? Should be a fun night of fights.

1. Chan Sung Jung vs. Leonard Garcia

Neither guy looks to be that interested in getting into the same war they were in last time. Garcia is swinging wildly, but catching himself. But he’s also fighting pretty smartly compared to the last fight. Zombie is throwing a high leg kick. Garcia swung hard on a combination that landed but Zombie took him down. Zombie went for an arm bar from the north/south position, but Garcia got out of it. Zombie pushed Garcia up against the cage and kneed him on his side and Garcia went down. The Zombie is about to steal this round. Garcia won the first half, but Zombie owned him in the second.

They started to get after it. Garcia was trying very hard to stick and move, but after Zombie landed a flying knee, Garcia stopped being patient and threw a kick, but he was tripped. Zombie got on top of him and was laying into him with the ground and pound. He put a figure four on Garcia’s inside leg and did what Joe Rogan called a twister. Zombie grabbed Garcia around his chin and twisted is body and Garcia tapped.

Winner: Chan Sung Jung by way of 2nd round submission

After watching Jung get TKOd recently, I thought his style meant that he’d be done. But nope, he looked really good here.

2. DaMarques Johnson vs. Amir Sadollah

Before the fight, Amir said that if Johnson takes him down ten times, he’ll get up eleven times. We might be on our way there. Sadollah wants to stand up, but Johnson is taking the openings he gives him and taking him down. Johnson has sleepy stand-up. He’s trying to lull Amir to sleep right before he fires. Sadollah landed a front kick to the chest and Johnson went down, but got right back up. They were up against the cage and Johnson threw him over his shoulder. But Amir got up and delivered a takedown of his own.

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UFC 122 – Yushin Okami Vs. Nate Marquardt

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to watch this show after watching Manny Pacquiao destroy Antonio Margarito. I already didn’t like the looks of this card, especially the main event, to begin with and after watching such a big event, this seems like a step down. Hopefully the show is good. I’ve been able to stay away from spoilers all day long.

The winner of Nate Marquardt vs. Yushin Okami deserves a title shot. In fact, both guys deserve a title shot more so than Vitor Belfort, but it’s hard to market either guy as a main event fighter. I don’t think I’ve ever been entertained by a Yushin Okami fight and we’ve already seen Nate Marquardt beat by Anderson Silva.

Alessio Sakara isn’t fighting tonight against Jorge Rivera because of flu-like symptoms. Hmmm.

1. Nick Osipczak vs. Duane Ludwig

I don’t think I knew that Ludwig was still in the UFC.

Ludwig looked great for the first half of the round. He was leading his combinations with a kick and following it up with a right-left hand combo. He rocked Osipczak a couple times and it looked like he was going to be able to get him down, but Osipczak caught Bang and got him to the ground. He quickly mounted him, but Bang slipped out the back. Interesting round to score.

Ludwig looked good again early on. He landed another head kick. But then he was busted open by Osipczak. He tried a takedown at the end of the round. But the rest of the round was Osipczak’s.

Oddly, Osipczak is completely out of gas. Ludwig was kicking and punching him at will. But Ludwig is a bit tired too and didn’t have everything on his shots. Osipczak is taking a crazy amount of punishment. Oddly, he went for a takedown to end the round.

Winner: Duane Ludwig by way of split decision

The scores were 30-28, 29-28, and 29-28.

2. Goran Reljic vs. Krzysztof Soszynski

I think both guys are trying to win fight of the night. Soszynski had Reljic running backward, but Reljic started to work the takedown and eventually got it.

Soszynski was on his back again, but working for the submission. He looked very comfortable there. Soszynski had the better of the clinch game after he was able to stuff the takedown.

Reljic is tired and Soszynski is the much more fresh of the two. Reljic went for a takedown, but Soszynski caught his arm and went for a standing kimura. They clinched again and Soszynski looked to be going for the knee. Reljic didn’t want any part of it and fell backwards, but took big shots while on his back. Soszynski ended the fight strongly.

Winner: Krzysztof Soszynski by way of unanimous decision

Krzysztof looked pretty good, but it also seems as if he’ll never get above that middle ground light heavyweight level. Still, not a bad fight if he’s in there.

3. Peter Sobotta vs. Amir Sadollah

Sadollah is the aggressor, throwing more punches and kicks, but Sobatta nearly had his back at one point and was working the takedown. Sadollah came back near the end of the round with some offense to take the round.
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The Aftermath – UFC 114

Well, after what was labeled as the biggest grudge match in the history of the UFC, Rampage and Rashad Evans didn’t necessarily put on the slam bangingest fight of all time. I actually thought it was better than I expected, but when you sell a fight so hard, and it’s a one-fight card, the main event has to deliver. And according to most of the FGB crew, it didn’t deliver.

Here’s what we thought about the show:

Thumbs In The MIddle
Best Fight: Diego Sanchez vs. John Hathaway
Worst Fight: Todd Duffee vs. Mike Russow

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UFC 114 – Rampage Jackson Vs. Rashad Evans Pre-lims Play By Play

I’m live at the MGM at UFC 114. I’ll have play by play of the
prelims and then in another post, play by play of the live show.

Be back in an hour when the show stars.

1. Ryan Jensen vs. Jesse Forbes

I missed this fight but was told Jensen won by guillotine.

Winner: Ryan Jensen by way of first round submission

2. Joe Brammer vs. Aaron Riley

I missed much of the first round trying to figure out what happened in the first fight, but my friend DocG says he thought Brammer won the first and noted a flying knee as the big reason.

Riley scored a trip takedown in the middle of the first. Both guys are landing with Brammer landing the cleanest shots.

Riley scored another couple trip takedowns and dominated the pace of the third. Brammer threw some nice head kicks near the end of the round, but Riley blocked them. Close fight, but he wins it.

Winner: Aaron Riley by way of unanimous decision

30-27, all for Riley.

3. Cyrille Diabate vs. Luiz Cane
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