The Fight Game Podcast – G1 28 Climax Thoughts Part 3 (Ep. 31)

G1 28 Climax

GG and John LaRocca give even more of their G1 28 Climax thoughts on the latest episode of The Fight Game Podcast. They cover nights eight through twelve.

Wrestling booker extraordinaire John LaRocca (@LaRoccaJL on Twitter) returns to the Fight Game Podcast to continue the G1 Climax 28 discussion. The fellas went over the first four shows the first time, then nights five through seven on the second show, and on this episode, nights eight through twelve.

They talk about some of the themes for the last five shows. They continue their discussion from the last show about all the outside interference with the Tongans.

They talk about their top 10 best matches of the tournament so far before breaking down the past five nights and looking forward to the rest of the tournament.

Finally, they pay their respects to Brian Christopher and Nikolai Volkoff who both passed away last weekend.

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