ESPN Boxing – Manny Pacquiao Vs Lucas Matthysse Live Coverage

Manny Pacquiao vs Lucas Matthysse

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This fight seemed to be on and off, first supposedly being part of the Terence Crawford vs Jeff Horn card, and then later being set for a few different dates in June and July. There were rumors of the fight being dead, but Manny himself said it was still a go and Manny turned out to be right.

Outside of helping out with the US TV, it doesn’t look like Top Rank was much of a contributor here as Manny suggests that MP Promotions handled the promotion side. Pacquiao is also without trainer Freddie Roach and was instead trained by his good friend Buboy Fernandez.

Matthysse is 2-0 since his loss to Viktor Postol, which left him with an injured eye, and a nearly 17 month break.

Manny Pacquiao vs Lucas Matthysse

Round One

Manny looked really good in the first. His movement was great. He was throwing punches at odd angles and on the other side, Matthysse looked a little slow and off-balanced. Though, Matthysse did land a good right hand late. If Manny can keep up the pace, he looks too quick for Matthysse.

Round Two

Matthysse was doing better defensively in the round, but in order to not get hit, he isn’t able to fire himself much. Manny’s activity was still high and his movement was good, but maybe not as good as in the first round. Matthysse looked more comfortable, but still wasn’t able to fire back much.

Round Three

Pacquiao put Matthysse on his butt with an uppercut early in the round. Matthysse looks okay and didn’t look too worse for wear. Pacquiao kept the pressure up though, so not much offense for Matthysse. Matthysse looked fine after the knockdown, but isn’t able to do much on offense.

Round Four

That was another really good round by Manny. Even when Matthysse landed his right hand, he almost shorted it because I think he was expecting Pacquiao to fire back quickly. Manny started to land some solid shots late in that round. Matthysse looks a bit overwhelmed.

Round Five

There was a weird knockdown right at the end of the fifth. Pacquiao tripled up with his right hand, throwing two jabs and then a hook and Matthysse took a knee. It was a delayed reaction. Right before that, Matthysse landed some of his best shots of the round, one being a left hand that surprised Manny. Otherwise, it was all Pacquiao again.

Round Six

Matthysse landed a low blow which paused the fight for a minute. Matthysse is slowing down and Pac-man is keeping up his work rate. Matthysse just looks befuddled. If he tries to open up and throw power shots, he’s going to be countered and hit off-balanced. Really a no-win here, unless Manny slows down, or he lands a big shot that stops Manny and he can follow up on.

Round Seven

Manny got him again. Manny was peppering shots at Lucas which weren’t big shots, but just shots to bother him. And then pow, he came in with a blistering uppercut that put Matthysse down again on a knee and he didn’t want to get up immediately. The referee called it off. Great shot to end the fight by Manny.

Winner: Manny Pacquiao by 7th round TKO

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