Draven’s Drive-In: The History Of Pro Wrestling + Big Van Vader Bio (Ep. 3)

Big Van Vader bio

Check out episode three of Draven’s Drive-In on the history of pro wrestling, plus Draven does a Big Van Vader bio.

This is episode three of Draven’s Drive-In, the newest podcast on the Fight Game Podcast network. Brandon Draven, of Kayfabulous Lucha Bros fame, continues his history lesson on professional wrestling.

Before Draven gets back into the history of wrestling, he celebrates the career of Leon White, best known as Big Van Vader. Draven talks about Leon’s early career, how the Big Van Vader gimmick was born, his early career as Vader in Japan, his WCW run, and his disappointing WWF run. The Big Van Vader bio is a great listen.

Draven then continues the conversation after last episode’s discussion on the Hackenschmidt and Gotch era.

If you enjoy Draven, join the KLB Facebook Group he created for pro wrestling fans.

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