Draven’s Drive-In: The History Of Pro Wrestling (Ep. 1)

draven's drive-in

There’s a new pro wrestling podcast on the Fight Game Podcast Network called Draven’s Drive-In and it’s about the history of pro wrestling. Check it out.

This is the first episode of a new podcast on the Fight Game Podcast Network. Brandon Draven, of Kayfabulous Lucha Bros fame, is doing a brand new podcast on the history of pro wrestling.

At the beginning of the show, Draven opens up a Tecate, and then gives an intro about what the podcast is going to be about. He breaks down the eras that he’s going to analyze, including the pioneer era, the Jim Londos era, the early TV era, the NWA agreement era, WWF’s War of 84, the Monday Night Wars, and then the current wrestling era today.

After the intro, he starts discussing the very beginning of pro wrestling. If you’re a fan of pro wrestling history and want to get your learn on, check out the first episode.

If you enjoy Draven, join the KLB Facebook Group he created for pro wrestling fans.

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