Video – 24/7: Canelo/Golovkin Episode 2

Check out 24/7: Canelo/Golovkin Episode 2.

Like I mentioned after watching episode 1, this show isn’t about a grudge necessarily. It’s very much about two guys who want to take the mantle as the best in the game. It’s very much about them knowing that what holds them from being the A side fighter of today is simply the guy on the other side of the ring.

It’s a very easy build and neither guy is taking any cheap shots to try and create buzz that isn’t already there. Instead, they’re just doubling down on who they are as fighters and why they’re in the place they are today.

From watching Triple G, it seems that he so badly wants to win over everyone with his style. He’s definitely won over hardcore boxing fans. But can he, as a non-native English speaker (very much like Canelo by the way, and he tries harder than Canelo does), become the biggest fighter in America? Manny Pacquiao did it before him so the blueprint is there, and really, Triple G is like Manny, with maybe a harder edge to him.

During this 24/7 he talks about being okay with not being by his wife’s side to see the birth of their child because he has to train. It didn’t resonate with me necessarily as the father of two kids as being there to see them born were two of the greatest moments of my life. But it seems that he feels saying and doing something like that may win over people.

Canelo seems more calm for the moment, and that may simply be because he’s been in more big moments, already having fought Floyd Mayweather and having to be the draw on big boxing shows.

24/7 is only a two episode series and while the charm to it used to be that they’d turn things around so quickly, there was no real timeliness to this season. They just tried to show the fighters as guys who expect to be where they are and expect to dominate come Saturday night.

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