Throwback Thursday – Ric Flair Wins The World Title For The 7th Time

We’re throwing back! Ric Flair wins the world title for the 7th time.

We’re going to start covering an interesting time in WCW soon. John LaRocca and I have started a podcast we’re calling “We Want Flair” which focuses on the time right before Ric Flair leaves WCW and the aftermath in 1991. We’ve recorded the first two episodes and want to bank a couple more before we launch it.

For a small taste, you can listen to our sweet intro recorded by my kid.

Much like we’ve done with The Fabulous Four Podcast (which is also coming back soon), we’ll also be providing supplemental posts like this one.

Episode one of the podcast begins in 1989 and we go through the mostly ups of the great wrestling year, but behind the scenes, things aren’t that rosy. The second episode is about 1990, which starts with promise, but ends with WCW less popular than they were before.

In early 1991, Dusty Rhodes is back in WCW as booker. Sting hasn’t worked as champion as houses are down. Sting needs to drop the belt, but doesn’t want to do so at Starrcade. But he decides that he’ll do it on January 11, 1991. And Ric Flair, who wasn’t supposed to get another run at the title when he dropped it to Sting at the Great American Bash, is back as the man.

All I could find was a clip that was shown on WCW syndicated TV back in early 1991. There’s also a couple of great Flair interviews after the match. Check it out above.

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