UFC Fight Night (UFC Ottawa): MacDonald Vs Thompson Live Coverage

UFC Ottawa

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This is the first women’s flyweight fight.

Joanne Calderwood Vs Valérie Létourneau

Calderwood was already bleeding early. That might be her gimmick. Calderwood blasted her with a spinning elbow and Létourneau looked like she fainted. Calderwood followed up on the ground and Létourneau was woken up by one of the shots on the ground and recovered.

The second round was close. Calderwood is hanging in there. Létourneau is technically the better fighter, but Calderwood is bigger and stronger.

Létourneau couldn’t finish the fight. It looks like she hurt her rib from a Calderwood kick. She begged off and walked away, but the referee didn’t step in so Calderwood ran from behind to knee her in the butt, punch her twice, and hit her with another backfist. Earlier in the round, Calderwood kicked her high and her foot was caught in Létourneau’s shirt and pulled it down.

Winner: Joanne Calderwood by way of 3rd round TKO

Calderwood says she’ll go back to 115 if there aren’t any other flyweights.

Thibault Gouti Vs Olivier Aubin-Mercier

These guys are banging right out of the gate. Aubin-Mercier pushed him up against the fence and then took him down. Gouti went down while grabbing the fence. On the ground, he lost him and Gouti ended up on top. Gouti ended the round strong with strikes. Close one.

Aubin-Mercier was more aggressive with his takedown attempts and finally got one. Gouti was trying to survive on the ground.

Aubin-Mercier just wore him down with another takedown and then got a rear-naked choke to finish him. Gouti tapped out immediately when it was locked in.

Winner: Olivier Aubin-Mercier

They did a really nice Kimbo Slice video, which footage from his The Ultimate Fighter season and the fights they have footage of from his days in the UFC and Strikeforce.

Sean O’Connell Vs Steve Bossé

This was a slugfest. Bossé looked good with his hands early, though O’Connell was landing as well. They were both landing big shots, but Bossé was slightly giving it better than he was taking. Well, that was until O’Connell unleashed three left hooks in a row that left Bossé limp and on the ground. O’Connell followed it up with shots on the ground, but Bossé recovered and hung on, even though he didn’t look stable at all. He got his legs back late and did well.

O’Connell was exhausted in the round. He was stumbling around like a drunk because of exhaustion. Bossé took his time as he sensed that he just had to hit him with a combination and he would fall. O’Connell landed a left that rocked Bossé, but Bossé had him wobbled soon. They were on the ground and O’Connell surprisingly held on. Back on their feet late in the round, they were both tired and just pushed on each other.

Bossé can simply outpoint him and win the fight if he wants to and he’s doing that somewhat. Because whenever he sits in the pocket with O’Connell, he’s able to deliver, but he also eats some stiff left hooks. They traded like madmen throughout the round and it’s possible that O’Connell could’ve eked out the round. If he did, he’s probably winning this fight. It was incredible.

Winner: Steve Bossé by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 29-28, 29-28, and 29-27.

Patrick Cote Vs Donald Cerrone

Cerrone was very cool and calm in the first. He scored a couple takedowns and won the round, but it looked like he was playing it safe for the most part.

Cerrone was fighting fairly safely, but was starting to find his range. He dropped him with a left hand and it looked like Cote was going out. Much like the other fights tonight, once he was on the ground, Cote was able to recover and Cerrone just let him up. I think Cerrone thinks Cote is a punching bag at this point, having success both with his hands and with leg kicks.

Cerrone caught him with a left again and Cote went down. Cote couldn’t do anything. Cerrone just picked him apart, put him down again and this time Cote was hurt. Cerrone hit him on the ground with a bunch of punches and Cote just tried covering up, but he was done.

Winner: Donald Cerrone by way of 3rd round TKO

Stephen Thompson Vs Rory MacDonald

Both guys were playing it safe early. MacDonald dove at him with a rolling heel hook, but Thompson fought it off. Thompson changed stance and threw a reverse kick that didn’t land clean. That was after MacDonald slightly landed a head kick. Thompson blocked most of it.

These guys look to be so evenly matched. MacDonald went for a single leg and pushed Thompson up against the fence. Thompson has landed the sidekick a few times.

The strikes were just about even and neither guy landed more than one at a time. Thompson was landing jabs while MacDonald was able to land a right hand. There was a small amount of ground work, but nothing all that important. I have MacDonald up 2-1, but it could easily be the other way around.

Thompson is frustrating MacDonald by being super quick on his counters. MacDonald tries to close the distance, makes the first move, Thompson quickly counters and gets out of dodge. This is the MMA version of Floyd Mayweather.

MacDonald is bleeding from his mouth. He’s opening up more, but also opening himself to get hit. Thompson is just too quick for him. MacDonald is too methodical in his offense. MacDonald went for a takedown and ended up on the bottom. All of a sudden, MacDonald is a bloody mess, reminiscent of his last fight with Robbie Lawler. MacDonald is still going forward, trying to land big shots, but Thompson is too fast. Thompson should win this decision.

Winner: Stephen Thompson by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 50-45, 50-45, and 48-47.

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