Throwback Thursday Video – Thomas Hearns’ Fight Before The War

This week’s Throwback Thursday is Thomas Hearns’ fight right before his fight with Marvin Hagler.

After Thomas Hearns knocked out Roberto Duran quickly, it was all but written that Hearns vs Marvin Hagler was the next big fight.

Hagler himself had one more fight against Mustafo Hamsho to get through. So Hearns turned to defend his Super Welterweight title against Fred Hutchings.

Watching the fight, Hearns doesn’t take Hutchings very seriously. He doesn’t throw his right hand until after about a minute or so, and when he does, Hutchings is rocked and reeling.

Hutchings’ mouthpiece is gone thanks to a Hearns right hand and he’s wobbled and woozy. He doesn’t get to put the mouthpiece back and is put down twice in the third.

Then, in the third, Hearns goes for broke and finishes him with Hutchings’ corner already in the ring by the time the referee stops it.

Thomas Hearns looked more than ready for his showdown with Marvin Hagler.

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