HBO Boxing – Miguel Cotto Vs Canelo Alvarez Live Coverage

Miguel Cotto Vs Canelo Alvarez live coverage

Welcome to our Miguel Cotto vs Canelo Alvarez live coverage. Gennady Golvkin’s PPV numbers were on the lower end of expectations, showing that while there is interest in him as a PPV fighter, there is still some work left to do with him. But this PPV should quintuple that number at the very least.

Oscar De La Hoya is expecting 1.5 million buys, but he’s just filibustering. I think the million buys would be a good number to hit. Significantly less and it’s a hit to Canelo’s marketing power as a draw. Decidedly more and we may have something, considering what I thought was an average job at best hyping the fight from all parties involved.

Duan and I previewed the fight earlier today and we both think that Cotto has his work cut out for him. But we both expect a really good action fight.

Guillermo Rigondeaux faces Drian Francisco on the undercard.

We’ll be back with Miguel Cotto vs Canelo Alvarez live coverage.

Miguel Cotto Vs Canelo Alvarez


While I’m not sure that either guy really landed a big shot, I thought Cotto outboxed Canelo, making him miss and having a decent advantage with foot speed. Canelo did land a nice left hook to end the round.


While I think Cotto’s footwork looks great, I think Canelo took that round from his counter right hands. Cotto landed a nice right near the end of the round, but there’s not much on his right hand.


This was an excellent round. I’m going to lean toward Canelo because of the stronger punches, but Cotto started to steal the end of the round with an impressive jab and he finally landed a left hook. Whoever you have at the end of three, all rounds have been close so far.


I thought that was a solid round for Cotto. He out-threw and out-landed Canelo in the round. He’s sort of doing a poor-man’s Mayweather impersonation, making Canelo come to him.


And just like that, Canelo took the round right back. He’s loading up on the right hand and it looked like at least two of those shots affected Cotto. He also faked a right hand and threw a left-uppercut. Roy Jones said he thought only he and Roberto Duran threw that punch.


A bit of a lackluster round after some thunder previously. It’s a close round, but I lean toward the power guy again. Cotto’s shots aren’t hurting him and he’s making Cotto feel his.


Canelo landed a nice uppercut, which has been his best punch, along with his overhand right when he can land it. Cotto is surely landing punches, but they’re not as effective.


This was the best round so far thanks to Cotto coming out firing. And while he did an excellent job opening up opportunities, he also left himself open to get hit hard. Canelo out-landed him more than 2-1 with power shots in the round.


Cotto was game yet again, but Canelo landed three big shots that shifted the tide of the round. Even in these rounds that I have Canelo, they aren’t by a wide margin at all. These scorecards will be interesting.


I think I lean toward Cotto in that round, though he’s starting to look really tired. He took a body shot that nearly stopped him in his tracks and he’s trying to move, but his steps aren’t nearly as slick as they were early on.


Cotto took that one as well. He seems more tired, but he was more active yet again. It seems like Canelo took that round off. He wasn’t as busy as he’d been in the past. I have Canelo up 7-4 going into the last round.


Cotto was only able to fight in spurts. In those spurts, he landed effectively, but Canelo was better throughout. It looked like he was close to stopping him at one point in the end. Canelo should win this fight.

Winner: Canelo Alvarez by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 117-111, 119-109, and 118-110.

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  1. I’ve Loved Cotto his whole career but quite frankly… the only good part of this fight was when the camera would show us Cotto’s Hot wife, lol… 🙂

  2. I thought he fought about as well as he could’ve. The strength and size difference was just too much. It was valiant, but what I expected to happen happened.

    His wife sure knew what to wear eh?

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