HBO Boxing – Klitschko Vs Fury Live Coverage

Klitschko Vs Fury Live Coverage

Check out our Klitschko Vs Fury live coverage.

Fury was much lighter than usual at the weigh-ins while Klitschko was a few pounds heavier than his last fight. Fury also said that if he didn’t beat Klitschko, he’d think of himself as a fraud. Hmmm.


Lots of head movement and feints from Fury. Klitschko is patiently waiting for an opening. Fury hit Klitschko in the back of the head after a clinch. Fury’s doing some talking in the round, though neither guy landed anything of note. Fury probably thinks that was his round because he was more active, but they landed the same amount of punches it seemed. I’d give it to Klitschko.


Fury countered Klitschko with a left hand and nearly was in position to German Suplex him. Klitschko is throwing and landing only jabs so far. He hasn’t taken a chance with a right hand. Fury nearly walked into a left hook. Though, not a lot happened, I think Fury did more in this second round.


Fury’s fighting southpaw and holding his hands down. Klitschko is cautiously pawing his jab at him. Fury’s jab is more like a flicking backfist from this stance. Because he’s so cautious, Klitschko is giving this round away. At least Fury has landed a couple of body shots. Fury lands a shot to the back of Klitschko’s head again in the clinch, and this time referee Tony Weeks tells him to watch it. Fury’s round.


Fury is so long that his left hook from his conventional stance can land behind Klitschko’s head. Klitschko seems to be starting to figure out Fury from the right side. He’s still cautious, but is getting closer with feinting and head movement of his own. Again, very little action, but I think Klitschko won his second round.


Klitschko either has a cut or bruise underneath his left eye. It might’ve been caused from a headbutt rather than a punch. Fury landed the best shot of the round so I guess you have to give it to him. I know a lot of guys online have Fury winning all five rounds so far.


I can’t even pick a winner of that round. What a nothing fight this is so far, but in being a nothing fight, I guess it’s kudos to Fury. I have this as a 10-10.


Man, these rounds are difficult to score, not because of even action, but because nothing is really happening. Fury is touching him more, but nothing of note. In this fight, it’s been enough. I have Fury now up 4-2-1.


Roy Jones says that because Klitschko is often the one holding on the clinch, he’s not used to throwing punches in the clinch here when he needs to land. Klitschko landed a couple nice jabs, which may be enough to win the round, but it was close, like all of them have been.


Finally, Klitschko landed two clean right hands. Tony Weeks gave Fury one last warning and it looks like a point deduction could be coming. Klitschko tried to clinch, but Fury was like a matador and moved out of the way leaving Klitschko open and off balanced and Fury landed a left hook. All the momentum that Klitschko had is now lost and the fight is back with Fury.


That was a rough round for Klitschko. Any time they were close, he couldn’t punch. He’d just grab Fury. He has two rounds to put Fury down and out to retain his title.


Fury is ducking his head right into Klitschko’s chest and Klitschko isn’t throwing anything to counter that or even stepping back to avoid it. Klitschko throws his left jab cautiously and Fury ducks his head right under it. And then they just embrace. Klitschko now has a cut over his right eye, which may have been from a butt as well. But Fury is now using it as target practice. He landed two hooks right on the eye. Weeks took a point from Fury at the end. So it’s now a 9-9 round.


Klitschko is throwing punches, but he’s also opening himself to get hit with the left hand. Klitschko needs to land a few haymakers here. It didn’t happen. If Fury doesn’t win this fight, it’s a robbery.

I have 7 rounds for Fury, 3 for Klitschko, and 2 draw rounds (one of which happened because of penalty).

Winner: Tyson Fury by unanimous decision

The scores are 115-112, 115-112, and 116-111 for Tyson Fury.

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