WrestleMania 30 For 30 – WrestleMania 24

WrestleMania 24

Big D and Draven are back under the sun.

The guys discuss WrestleMania 24 stemming from Orlando, Florida and Big D was there live.

Here’s some of what they discuss about WrestleMania 24 on WrestleMania 30 for 30:

– The first time that WWE, TNA, and ROH were in one place, at one time, running shows on Mania weekend.
– Vince tries to make some money with Floyd Mayweather.
– The construction of the dumpy Citrus Bowl into a usable venue.
– WWE creative
– Edge’s high point in WWE
– Possibly, the best Money in the Bank ever
– And of course, Ric Flair’s retirement.

We’re not sorry, but we still love you.

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