UFC 130 – Matt Hamill Vs. Rampage Jackson Play By Play

As I’ve stated on FGB Radio and our UFC 130 preview, this show has lost a bit of its main event luster, but there’s still quality underneath.

If you missed any of the preliminary stuff, I posted updates on our FGB Facebook page as well as our @fightgamblog Twitter page. Go there to see what you may have missed.

1. Jorge Santiago vs. Brian Stann
After a lot of kicking each other happening, Stann drilled Santiago with a left hand and Santiago went down. Stann followed him to the ground and landed bombs on the ground. Great round for Stann.

Damn, Jorge Santiago was target practice. Stann hit him at will in the face. He put him down with an overhand right and finished him on the ground.

Winner: Brian Stann by way of 2nd round TKO

2. Rick Story vs. Thiago Alves
First round started out slowly with Story holding Alves up against the cage, but turned into a slugfest. Both guys got nice shots in.

It’s plausible that Story is up 2-0 here. Story worked hard for a takedown, but Alves was up quickly. Alves tripped him back down, but Story exploded out. The thing that may be the difference in the round is that Story caught him off-balanced when he was throwing a kick and knocked him down.

Story started the round fighting strategically by leading the exchages and holding him up against the cage. Then they both opened up and Alves was throwing a counter right-hand that landed at will. It’s probably 2-1 Story.

Winner: Rick Story by way of unanimous decision

3. Travis Browne vs. Stefan Struve
The stand-up was awkward since both guys are so long. Struve started to throw a kick, but instead, ate a right hand, and it was over.

Winner: Travis Browne by way of 1st round TKO

4. Roy Nelson vs. Frank Mir
It was a good round for Mir. There was a clear strength advantage in the clinch. Mir was holding Nelson’s arms down so he couldn’t try any dirty boxing. Mir threw many knees with at least one landing well. Mir had a huge takedown late in the round.

So far, Mir is up 2-0, but there’s no life to the fight. Mir is too strong for Nelson and he’s gassed. Nelson can’t move Mir and he looks tired. Nelson can’t even get any punches off. Bad fight so far.

Mir played it safe and went for takedowns and got them. Neither guy seemed to train all that hard or fight all that hard. It was a disgraceful fight.

Winner: Frank Mir by way of unanimous decision

5. Matt Hamill vs. Rampage Jackson
Hamill is trying to fight from the outside and short of landing a leg kick or two, and maybe a soft right hand, he didn’t land anything. Whenever he took a chance, or allowed Rampage to close the distance, he paid for it.

Second round was much of the same. Hamill’s shots are terrible from so far out. He simply doesn’t want to get hit.

What a terrible way to end this terrible show. Hamill had nothing. Rampage tried, but his style is not to chase other fighters.

Winner: Rampage Jackson by way of unanimous decision

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