UFC 124 – Georges St. Pierre Vs. Josh Koscheck

I was a little tardy getting back to see the show, so I missed most of the first round of the first fight.

But let’s get to it.

1. John Howard vs. Thiago Alves

From what the announcers said, the round seemed to be even, though, Alves’ nasty leg kicks seemed to be the difference. There was one super loud one that seemed to hurt Howard.

The second round was similar, but Alves had the upper hand. He got a take down late in the round to add insult to injury.

Alves put Howard down with a left hand, and went down to finish him, but Howard defended well and got back to his feet. Howard tried to stand toe-to-toe with him, but Alves’ leg kicks were too much. Howard tried to swing for the fences.

Winner: Thiago Alves by way of unanimous decision

2. Mac Danzig vs. Joe Stevenson

Danzig clocked Stevenson with a short left hook that dropped him like a bag of rocks. Stevenson was coming in at the same time and Danzig clocked him.

Winner: Mac Danzig by way of 1st round TKO

3. Charles Oliveira vs. Jim Miller

Oliveira was like gumby on the ground, setting up 5 different submissions and Miller caught him in a knee bar. Oliveira punched him in the gut and then immediately tapped out. That was surprising.

Winner: Jim Miller by way of 1st round submission

4. Matt Riddle vs. Sean Pierson

Riddle tried a kick and was dropped by a right hand. Pierson is winning the striking game. Riddle took a lot of shots, but was able to fight back. Pierson’s big left hand is landing.

Great comeback by Riddle. Either Pierson is tired or feeling some of Riddle’s power. Riddle dropped down for a guillotine but didn’t get it. Pierson was running away from him at certain points of the round.

Riddle was swinging hard, but not connecting all that much. Pierson’s stand-up was better all round. Good fight.

Winner: Sean Pierson

5. Sean McCorkle vs. Stefan Struve

McCorkle got a big takedown early and then went for a kimura. It looked like he was going to get it, but Struve fought it. McCorkle ended up on top and Struve was looking for an armbar. He transitioned to the top position and rained down punches. McCorkle turned to his side and it was stopped.

Winner: Stefan Struve by way of 1st round TKO

6. Mark Bocek vs. Dustin Hazelett

Bocek got a takedown and trapped him with a triangle and Hazelett tapped out.

Winner: Mark Bocek by way of 1st round submission.

7. Josh Koscheck vs. Georges St. Pierre

Thanks to the terrible UFC.com stream, we missed the entire first round. Where it picked up, GSP was nailing Kos with right hands. It looks like there’s a cut over his eye. From the half round we saw GSP looks like he’s ahead. Koscheck’s right eye is closing or closed.

Very boring round until the last two minutes. GSP’s jab is setting the tone. He’s also landing with inside leg kicks. Koscheck is having a hard time seeing. He’s whiffing on his punches and shots.

GSP got a takedown, but Koscheck got up quickly. GSP is just using Kos’ eye as a target for his jab. Kos doesn’t look comfortable at all.

GSP controlled every second of this round. He used his jab and double jab to stick Kos in the eye. GSP got a late takedown, but didn’t go for the TKO because Kos was fighting so defensively with that bad eye.

Winner: Georges St. Pierre by way of unanimous decision.

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