Big D’s Thoughts on TNA Against All Odds 2010

TNA Against All Odds 2010 is in the books and the show was quite… strange. The show was primarily focused on an 8-man “8 Card Stud” single-elimination tournament with the winner becoming the #1 Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Title at Lockdown in April. Looking at the show on paper, you’d expect a wrestling-heavy show with very little gaga. Well it certainly was, and it bombed.

Against All Odds can perhaps be seen as a conundrum; an extended metaphor for this entire Bischoff/Hogan regime. For all of the complaints that fans had about the Russo/Jarrett era mainly due to the logic holes during Impact, almost every PPV was pretty solid-to-great. With this regime, it’s almost completely backwards. The TNA Impact television show has certainly improved tenfold; better timing, virtually no shenanigans, but still failing to really hook the audience (and when I say the audience, I mean me and a few select people I’ve spoken to). It almost seems like TNA went from being bad to boring and to be frank; I don’t know which is worse.

This couldn’t have happened at the worst time considering that TNA has been on a streak of fantastic PPVs since all the way back in September. The reasoning behind this is odd though. Why? Is it that the talent is fed up with the management change? Is it that the new/old people brought in can’t hack it with the young talent, bringing the overall match quality down? Could it just be that the talent is had two off nights, two months in a row? I don’t know; but match-wise, Against All Odds was a failure, and that’s something I haven’t said about a TNA PPV since last summer.

I expected the tournament to be awesome. On paper, Pope vs. Wolfe, Angle vs. Anderson, Foley vs. Abyss, and Morgan vs. Hernandez had potential and so did the semis and finals. But, of those four matches, only one was actually not a snore-fest (Pope vs. Wolfe) and even that match was a tad bit short. Ken Anderson solidified even further the fact that not only is he overrated, not only is he a one-trick pony, but he doesn’t belong anywhere higher than the mid-card ever. Read my lips: Kurt Angle had his first boring match since 2007. Anderson – go away. Foley/Abyss, while it’s been talked about amongst hardcore fans for years as a dream match, proved once again that they had no chemistry. This was even worse than their Bound For Glory encounter. Morgan/Hernandez also had no chemistry and put me to sleep (plus, the “tag partners feuding” thing is more played out than popped collars).

The show suffered from poor timing and uninspired performances throughout. The semifinals did absolutely nothing for me. Pope vs. Morgan was supposed to be an intriguing face vs. face encounter featuring THE TWO TALENTS (along with Wolfe) that MANY people think WWE dropped the ball on. You wouldn’t think so watching this botch-fest. Anderson vs. Abyss was short, but really no better than the match last month. I know that Hogan and Bischoff are heavily behind Abyss, but he’s such a freaking joke that it will take months and months of rehabbing to get him even close to meaning a damn thing.

Team 3D vs. The Nasties was very very fat, but we expected that right? Everybody knew that it’d suck shit and it did. This was four over-the-hill fat guys punching and kicking each other for a long time. This match got more time than some of the tournament matches that actually had potential. That’s a problem. Jimmy Hart coming in and costing Team 3D is not a good thing. Now hold on, I have absolutely nothing against the Mouth of the South and consider him one of the great managers in wrestling, but him essentially rehashing the WrestleMania VII finish means one dreadful thing: this feud must continue. God help us all.

AJ vs. Joe was good, but again, like with 3D/Nasties, we expected that. The other thing we expected was a gimmicky finish and surprisingly it was gimmicky, but not THAT gimmicky. They teased throughout the night that Bischoff would turn on Joe, or turn on Flair, or pretend he was turning on Flair but help Joe, but none of that crap happened. AJ won relatively clean with the Styles Clash and they set up Bischoff vs. Flair for down the line. What is this, 1998? If Ric handcuffs himself to the ring again, screams bloody murder and takes off all his clothes though (no H), I’ll be ok with it.

The main event found The Pope beat down by the Outsiders before the match, basically doing the “babyface in peril” angle that we see in tournaments a lot. The problem was – it was boring and way too long. Again – timing. Anderson worked over Pope and while I love Pope, he’s no Ricky Steamboat. Anderson worked the cocky heel fine, except for the fact that he comes off like a guy who’s practically begging for heat and coming off like a crybaby when he doesn’t get it. Pope won with an awesome finishing sequence which begs the question; is it too soon? Pope main events not only a PPV with AJ Styles, but the #2 TNA show of the year. Is he ready?

The show had a happy ending, which I think actually tricked fans into thinking it was a good show when in fact it was not. One good match, two decent matches, and a buncha stinkers to do not equate to a good show. It was easily the worst TNA PPV since Victory Road 2009 and nowhere near the quality of PPVs that TNA puts on. Hogan and Bischoff really need to tighten this thing and find out why the performances were uninspired and find out why things just aren’t clicking. The Destination X show will probably be full of good matches (remember I said this about this show), but will anybody really pay to see a show with almost no stars on it?

They don’t even pay to see the shows WITH stars.

I’m Big D – bow down.

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