UFC 101 Live Play By Play – B.J. Penn Vs. Kenny Florian

Just to show you how big UFC 100 was, I’m having more folks over tonight than any UFC PPV party I’ve ever hosted. I’ve been apart of bigger parties, but not that I’ve hosted before.

Cactus Jim may join in after each fight to give his analysis.

1. Kurt Pellegrino vs. Josh Neer

Pellegrino got a big single leg takedown where he picked up Neer and slammed him to the mat. And he stayed on top of him for the entire round. Neer was trying to work something from the bottom, but Pellegrino gave him nothing. Easy round for Pellegrino.

Cactus Jim:

I thought Neer looked great on his back, but gave the round to Pellegrino for control and doing more damage.

All Pellegrino again. He was getting the better of the stand-up and it went back to the ground. Neer was working for a triangle and nearly got it, but Pellegrino got his back and was trying to set up a rear naked choke when the round ended.

Cactus Jim:

Pellegrino looked good on the feet in the opening minutes. Pellegrino had good control again and Neer motioning for a standup was ridiculous given that Pellegrino was staying busy. Work out of it, Dude. Another Pellegrino round.

Neer couldn’t do anything tonight. Pellegrino ended up on top again and was laying in some elbows. Neer was bleeding from his nose. With 30 seconds left, Neer had his best shot at doing something as Pellegrino slipped off him and ended up on the bottom. They were both back on their feet and Neer laid in some elbows, but it wasn’t enough. Pellegrino probably pitched a shutout.

Cactus Jim:

Neer needs to finish. Pellegrino bitch slap to tell Neer to shut his mouth was classic. Another dominate round by Pellegrino.This fight has to be 30-27 for Pellegrino. Not a very exciting fight.

Winner: Kurt Pellegrino by way of unanimous decision

I don’t think that was the way to open up your first show after UFC 100, but oh well. Those guys aren’t winning fight of the night.

2. Ricardo Almeida vs. Kendall Grove

Wasn’t a very exciting round and this crowd could turn on these guys quickly. Almeida threw a great right hand that was the best shot of the round. He also nailed a couple of takedowns. Grove is not on the offensive and is very tentative.

Cactus Jim:

Grove’s takedown defense looked great for the first couple minutes, but eventually he’s going to get you and he did. Not a lot of action, but Almeida’s round based on control and 2 takedowns.

Almeida landed another big right hand. He faked the takedown and came in with the overhand right. He took Grove down again. Grove was working and actually sunk in an armbar that looked deep, but Almedia got out of it. Almeida didn’t let Grove breath and worked the takedown near the end of the round. Almeida’s up 2-0 on my invisible card.

Cactus Jim:

Easy takedown for Almeida to start the round. Grove’s arm bar attempt was impressive, especially considering Almeida’s pedigree. Grove did a good job staying busy on the bottom and made it to his feet only to be taken back down. I’d give it to Almeida again. This fight isn’t looking much different than the first one.

Almeida looked tired and was going for the takedown. He even pulled guard one time. Grove wanted it back on the feet, but he couldn’t keep Almeida off him. I can’t imagine Grove did anything to take a round, but he did get some decent knee strikes and uppercuts. And he did pull off that armbar in the second.

Cactus Jim:

Why the f is Kendall throwing high kicks. Right back on his ass again. Idiot. Grove finally able to get some offense on his feet, but on his back again before he’s able to do much. Neither guy is looking good. I could care less if I ever see these guys fight in UFC again. Grove has never been top level and Almeida hasn’t been top level in years. He spent his best years teaching instead of fighting. Close round could go either way. I’d say Almeida again.

Winner: Ricardo Almeida by way of unanimous decision

3. Johny Hendricks vs. Amir Sadollah

Hendricks has a great beard and Sadollah wears a rat tail. He should’ve worn a mullet.

Sadollah came in with some rapid fire punches and was caught coming in. Hendricks caught him with an uppercut that knocked Sadollah to the ground and Sadollah was trying to get up, but the referee stopped it. Looked like a big time early stoppage.

Cactus Jim:

Early stoppage. Sucks for Amir after waiting so long to get in the cage. Shit happens.

Winner: Johnny Hendricks by way of 1st round TKO

4. Aaron Riley vs. Shane Nelson

Riley is bigger and stronger than Nelson and is pushing him around the cage pretty much. Not much of a first round and I’ve been saying that a lot tonight.

Cactus Jim:

Riley pushing the pace and being the more aggressive fighter. Riley is landing the bigger shots. Riley’s round. Gotta love the idiots waving in the background between rounds. Is that Couture’s latest chick and next to be cheated on?

Well, I can’t say the second round was much different than the first. This show needs to be saved by the last two fights.

Cactus Jim:

Nelson coming out a little more aggressive. Nelson is still getting pushed around and beat up by Riley. Riley easily won that round.

Riley sat in Nelson’s guard and just smothered him. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Cactus Jim:

Nelson outsized and out classed. Riley walks through him in round 3. This one is Riley 30-27 for Riley.

Winner: Aaron Riley by unanimous decision

Cactus Jim:

I hope the next 2 fights are incredible because this PPV needs the help. So far it’s been a huge letdown coming off UFC 100.

5. Forrest Griffin vs. Anderson Silva

Cactus Jim:

I like that Forrest comes out to “Irish” punk rock. There’s quite a few good Boston punk bands. Silva looks like he’s put on a good deal of muscle mass in his move up. Forrest still looks bigger, but not quite the size difference I’d expected. Jesus, I love Bruce Buffer. Maybe we get the 360 for the main event?

This was utter domination. Anderson Silva threw a right hook that knocked Griffin to the ground. Griffin got back up and Silva started to taunt him by putting his guard down. Silva threw a left hand that just obliterated Griffin. I thought it was over. He helped Griffin back up and Griffin just put his head down and fired in with rights and lefts and while backpedaling, Silva threw a right hand that knocked Griffin to the ground and praying to not be hit again. Duan is a genius and he called it exactly.

Cactus Jim:

3 knockdowns by Silva, the final putting Forrest out. He was toying with Griffin the whole fight and let him up after the first 2 when he could have likely finished him. Forrest is going to the back to cry this time. Good move on his part. Silva looked great. I haven’t read the undercard results yet, so hopefully they have time to put another good fight from the undercard in before the main event.

Winner: Anderson Silva by 1st round TKO

6. Kenny Florian vs. B.J. Penn

Cactus Jim:

Kill the Master? Hopefully not the same way David Carradine went out. It is PPV, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

I had no idea Ken Florian was 33 years old.

Cactus Jim:

Penn looks to be in great shape. Time will tell. Sounds like Miragliata got a few boos due to his shitty stoppage in the earlier fight.

Penn hit ever big shot so far. He threw a right hand that knocked Florian backwards early in the fight. Florian was trying to take Penn down to no avail. Penn blocked every high kick. Penn threw a counter right-hand that knocked Florian loopy and he followed it up with a knee. Florian’s corner thinks that Penn is already tired.

Cactus Jim:

Penn brought the fight to Florian. Kenny’s kicks were being blocked while Penn landed a few good punches. All on the feet. Penn’s round.

Florian’s strategy seems to be to simply wear Penn out. Penn won the round again, but Florian was definitely the sharper of the two at the end of the round. Again, Penn landed the best shots and probably won the round.

Cactus Jim:

Not a lot of action. There was a lot of clinch work which I guess gives Florian control. Penn landed some shots. Florian some kicks. I’d give it to Florian by a slim margin.

This was a little hard to score I imagine. Florian’s strategy is to push Penn up against the cage and tire him out. But again, Penn lands all the biggest shots on the feet. Near the end of the round, he rocked him again. I understand Florian’s strategy, but he has to go for it in these next two rounds. He’s not winning a decision fighting the way he’s fighting.

Cactus Jim:

Again in the clinch. Crowd is getting restless and so am I. Penn landed more shots. I give the round to Penn. I predicted a 3rd round submission for Penn. So far no winners and the fans are the biggest losers at this point. Too late to save this card.

I had wondered when B.J. was taking the fight to the ground and this was the round. Penn dominated the fight on the ground, worked in the half guard and finally got his back. He worked for the rear naked choke and finally got it. Big D called this one.

Cactus Jim:

Fight on the ground for the first time on a Penn takedown. Nice to see it off the fence. Penn smothered him and worked to improve position. Florian is in trouble. Penn mount to back to mount to back. 4th round submission by choke. I was one round off. This fight wasn’t much until it hit the ground. The Master survives. Florian goes back to the drawing board.

Winner: B.J. Penn by way of 4th round submission.

7. George Sotiropoulos vs. George Roop

That was actually a fun round. George S. was on the offensive for most of the round and looked like he was going to finish, but George R. hung on. The guys are fighting fast and hard.

George S. quickly locked in a kimura to tap him out.

Winner: George Sotiropoulos by way of 2nd round submission

Cactus Jim:

Overall, a disappointing card. One-sided uneventful fights for the most part.

I have to agree with Jim there. Not the greatest display of the UFC brand.

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  2. That was absolutely incredible what Anderson Silva did to Forrest Griffin.

    Beyond what that fight did to Griffin’s body and face, it could also prove destructive to his reputation.

  3. Forrest’s career definitely hit a bit of a snag here tonight, but at least he lost to the best. He took a tough fight and was just outclassed.

    I think in that division, he’s still in the upper part of it, but it just goes to show you how big the separation is between the good and the great.

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