Dragon Gate Infinity 125

So yeah, this Infinity came along, and I guess due to timing there was really nothing major to show so instead we got a bunch of crap that we’d NEVER normally see and it ruled the earth!!


Open the Owarai Gate Title: Jackson Florida © vs. “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa

For those unfamiliar, Jackson’s gimmick is that he’s the broken down, crippled remains of the 2004/2005 Florida Brothers faction. And he’s so crippled that he falls all over the place in dramatic fashion. He wrestles with a crutch that he never lets go of and does many crutch related spots. Perfect for a comedy match such as this. If you don’t know Stalker then get the hell out of my column, I don’t wanna associate with your kind.

Anyway, the match was hilarious and Jackson took his usual TERRIFYING bumps (eg Undertaker rope walk -> slip -> bounce off ropes -> land head first on apron). A crutch assisted backslide got the duke and Mr. Florida takes home da gold!

Masato Yoshino, PAC & m.c.KZ. vs. Dragon Kid, Taku Iwasa & Kenshin Chikano

Kenshin, of course is one of the two rookies that have debuted in recent weeks. He makes a hell of a babyface on look alone. One of the most glaring things about this match was how much KZ has improved. He’s wrestling with a bit of a swagger now which is great to see. The four established guys were as good as you’d expect (i.e. friggin GREAT)….. Yoshino is on a different plane to literally 99.999% of wrestlers, it’s getting ridiculous to be honest. And PAC ain’t that far off either. He’s becoming one of the smoothest flyers ever. The end was based around KZ trying to finish off Kenshin. He looked great doing so, and Kenshin showed some awesome spirit. Unfortunately KZ couldn’t get the job done, so Yoshino said “fuck it, watch this” and shotgun dropkicked a hole through Kenshin’s chest for the win. Awesome TV six man.

Akira Tozawa vs. Youhei Fujita

Youhei is the other rookie that debuted, and I’m starting to think he’s a bit further ahead in the technical department. He looked really damn great here. However he was in there with Tozawa who’s WRESTLING WITH A VENGEANCE right now. Crowd got really into this and I don’t blame them. Tozawa was breaking out sick Saito Suplexes, and Germans, while Youhei debuted a pretty standing moonsault. Everything was stringed together so well. They built to the token young lion gets stuck in a crab spot, and Youhei fought and fought. I was honestly expecting him to tap, but he survived and the crowd went banana. Unfortunately a Bridging German later and it was all she wrote. Really fun match.

The (Youhei) show ended with a segment from a later show where Warriors-5 came out and introduced Fujita as their new member. They renamed him RYOMA.

Loved this episode. Like it said at the outset, there wasn’t much major stuff on it, but we got three REALLY enjoyable matches and the two rookies were established perfectly.

Infinity 125 – 8/10

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