Two classic matches this past weekend

My thoughts on the two great (as in ALL TIME GREAT) matches from NOAH 3/1.

NJPW vs. NOAH: Shiosaki & Sugiura vs. Nakamura & Milano
GHC Junior Title: Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. KENTA

These are my one and two for 2009 so far. I was completely and utterly losing my mind during both matches. This was Danielson vs. McGuinness in Liverpool levels of marking out and I was at that match in person. These matches didn’t have the live atmosphere going for them, yet I still managed to get so excited that I legit broke a spring in my couch by jumping to my feet on it (when Sug speared Milano into the corner and the ref jumped out of the way). I also ran around the room multiple times shouting OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! when Nakajima flipped out of a Tiger Suplex in the prettiest spot I’ve seen in forever.

Shiosaki’s killing of Milano down the stretch was among the coolest, most memorable things I’ve ever seen in wrestling. The spinning overhand chop to a kneeling Milano was BRUTAL. That so needs to be his finisher. Suigiura was out of this world on the hot tag and all prior to that when stewing on the apron and in the early stages with Nakamura. He brought the emotion to this match more than anyone, and as mentioned earlier that running spear he nailed Milano with was GODLY.

Nakamura and Milano were great heels and Milano really had his working boots on and brought some really awesome innovative stuff to the table. Nakamura once again mocking the Misawa face wipe was beautiful.

KENTA vs. Nakajima was …. WOW. This was my number 1 and 1A in the world right now putting together a match that where everything clicked PERFECT and down the stretch when it mattered had a MOLTEN crowd. This match to me was the culmination of something I’ve been seeing brew for the last year or so. Nakajima basically became in this match THE UNSTOPPABLE PERFECT WRESTLER. The first match in their series saw KENTA be more dominant. Then as they had more tags it became more even. And then in the second match last month Nakajima clearly showed he had what it took to beat KENTA 1 on 1.

This time, not only was he gonna beat him, he was gonna DOMINATE him. It was like watching a Georges St. Pierre fight. He just killed him and killed him and every time KENTA tried to comeback, Nakajima just had some unreal, completely incomprehensible counter (like the Tiger flip for example).

They made it look like there was no way KENTA could beat this machine of a man, unless he reached a whole new level himself. And that’s what happened. You visibly see KENTA upping his game and reaching a new level after he came so close to being put away. From the Death Roll kick out onwards it was like this was a new KENTA, one that could match Nakajima’s insane counters with EVEN INSANER COUNTERS and then that led to the finish which was as memorable a finish as I’ve ever seen. It was really one hell of a story and it was mixed with some of the most breathtaking action I’ve seen in wrestling to this point.

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