Countdown To Wrestlemania 25 – Introduction

I bought tickets to Wrestlemania 25 in Houston a few weeks ago, so I’ll be there live and in color. I’m going to do a few things to build up the big show. First, I’m going to post reviews of Wrestlemania 1-24 that I’ve already written. I’ll freshen them up and add other details before posting. I’ll probably post one or two a week until the show.

Also, my FGB brothers and I are going to rank the top 25 Wrestlemania matches. We’ll put together some sort of ranking system and give reasons why such and such match is best. It’s more wrestling nerdy than we’ve ever been. Well, maybe except Big D’s FCW photos.

Let’s hope this man is at Mania 25.

I’ll do my best to put up the first Wrestlemania this week.

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  1. how long is it for wrestlemania 25 2009

  2. Wrestlemania 25 is this Sunday.

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