PWG Battle Of Los Angeles Countdown (Part 1)

So with my favourite US tournament of the year upcoming, PWG’s Battle Of Los Angeles, I decided that a countdown of sorts is in order. A new name will be added to the field of 16 every day on PWG’s website up until November 1st and 2nd when the tourney goes down in Burbank, California. As of now, names have been announced so I will start by profiling each of those wrestlers. Every day when a new name is announced I will profile each of them too. This is sure to be a can’t miss tournament as anyone who saw the 2005, 2006 and especially 2007 editions will attest.

Davey Richards

The 2006 winner, and a veteran of all prior BOLA’s. Davey’s really upped his game in the last year or so, adding bucketloads of charisma to his already incredible wrestling ability. He spent most of summer in Japan working for Pro Wrestling NOAH and has been very impressive. Now back in the States, Davey will no doubt be looking to really establish himself as one of the top guys on the indies. He’s a guy that matches up well with anyone of any style and it’s always great to have guys like that in a tournament setting like BOLA.

Chuck Taylor
Ahhhh smooth Chucky T!!! Mostly known for his comedic stylings in Chikara, Taylor is really underrated for his athletic ability. The guys just seems like such a natural with everything he does in the ring, and while ROH have yet to recognise this, PWG sure did. They flew Chuck in for a couple of shows earlier this year and he obviously impressed enough to get a prestigious spot in BOLA. Like other people I will be profiling, Taylor’s going to be probably put in some first time matches in this tournament and it will be great to see him wrestling guys at a level somewhat higher than his usual opponents.

Masato Yoshino

As far as pure athleticism goes, I will flat out say that Masato Yoshino IS the most talented professional wrestler in the world. Yoshino is a wrestler from the Dragon Gate promotion in Japan, and if you’re not familiar with his work there, you may have noticed him in TNA’s World X Cup this year, putting on an incredible performance going right until the end of the 12 man Cibernetico. He was also possibly the standout of the 1st and 3rd “Dragon Gate 6-Man’s” that took place in Ring Of Honor. Yoshino mainly works as part of the tag team “Speed Muscle” with Naruki Doi but he’s more than capable as a singles wrestler as he proved during his Open The Brave Gate title run earlier this year where he had stellar match after stellar match. I’m hoping the former YOSSINO goes a long way in this tournament and we get to see him in the mind blowing matches he’s capable of.

El Generico
Generico (with Alan in the picture at the top) has probably been the PWG MVP over the last 2 years. The man has done it all, world titles, tag titles, classic match etc. However he’s yet to win BOLA despite coming close twice. He has to be a favourite this year to be given the win, but whether he does or not, one thing is for sure – every match he’s in will be great, because he’s El Generico and he doesn’t have bad matches! Heck, he doesn’t even have average matches. He’s spent alot of time this year in Dragon Gate (as Tozawa Juku’s foreign exchange student!) and as can be seen with likes of Jack Evans and Pac, that makes people improve by LEAPS AND BOUNDS. El Generico possibly improving is a scary thought, because he was already amazing before that.

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