Duan’s Boxing Breakdown – Winky Wright Vs. Paul Williams

When I asked Duan to start write for this site, I had no idea that he was such a knowledgeable boxing fan. I’ve been watching since I was a kid, but definitely fell off as a fan until the last two years. But Duan is one of the smartest boxing fans I know. He sent me his breakdown of Saturday’s HBO doubleheader.

Arreola vs. McCline
I find myself watching more and more heavyweight fights lately. It’s not because I enjoy it as most of them are awful. I just don’t want to give up on the division, and I’m determined to find some sign of life in it.

Chris Arreola has been a welcome change from the current flock of heavyweights. The guy is young, he is aggressive, and he has exciting fights. He’s got a good work rate for a big guy and he always presses for the knockout. That’s what people want to see in a heavyweight.

Sure he has his flaws. He tends to leave himself wide open, and even had to take some big shots here against McCline. He does look vulnerable at times, but that’s part of what makes his fights exciting.

His weight is another issue. It hasn’t really been a problem as of yet, but there has to be concerns over his conditioning as he moves up to the next level. It’s something he is going to need to work on immediately if he wants to fight for a world title.

But this fight with McCline is exactly what you can expect from him. He went in there, beat him up, and took him out in devastating fashion. It’s nice to see that back in the heavyweight division. As I said, he is not without his limitations, but it’s definitely encouraging to see.

Williams vs. Wright
Paul Williams’ performance was remarkable. A lot of people felt that Williams would come undone against a slick boxer the likes of Winky Wright. This was a tough test for him, and he just completely overwhelmed him.
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HBO Boxing – Winky Wright Vs. Paul Williams Play By Play

In the first fight, Chris Arreola pretty much dominated Jamel McCline in four rounds and stopped him to continue his push towards a big heavyweight fight. Both guys looked terribly out of shape, but Arreola didn’t necessarily fight like he was out of shape. It is odd that he has weighed more than the previous fight in his last four fights.

Winky Wright vs. Paul Williams

Wright looked really good, finishing off the flurries. Williams landed more punches, but Wright landed the better shots and won the round in my eyes. Jim Lampley thought Williams won on shear volume, but I thought Wright’s shots were better.

Williams has a great ability to throw an overhand left hand, even when he’s ducking down because he’s so tall and long. When a fighter ducks down, you’re not expecting an overhand shot. That was a tremendous round for Williams. He was much busier and was hitting the more impressive shots. Wright looks a bit overwhelmed.

That was a hard round to score because Wright didn’t really land anything except for the best two shots in the round. But Williams was so aggressive and just didn’t stop punching. I’d probably give it to Williams.
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What’s Happening Today On Fight Game Blog

I just wanted to let everyone know (and maybe even give myself a checklist) about what’s going on at the site today.

Here’s what’s on tap:

– I’ll be live at Strikeforce with a media credential so I’ll be able to update this site, as well as Angrymarks.com with the live play by play for Shamrock vs. Diaz. That should be a barnburner.

– I’m also going to be taking photos and if I can, I’ll try to upload some to our FGB Flickr page throughout the show. I don’t know how this will work, but I’m going to try.

– Cactus Jim, Stevie J and I will be up late doing an episode of FGB Radio. You can stream it live at 1:00AM Pacific/4:00AM Eastern. But we’ll also have it on this site and Angrymarks.com soon after it’s over.

– Lastly, if I can find some coffee late at night, I’m also going to be doing a recap of the two big fights tonight. Heavyweight contender Chris Arreola faces Jameel McCline and Winky Wright vs. Paul Williams. My DVR better be on point tonight.

(Hatton/Pacquiao 24/7 and the documentary on Ali and Frazier is also on tonight, but I won’t get to those until sometime later. But we’ll have thoughts on those as well.)

It should be an amazing (and tiring) night.

Photo credit: Tom Casino/Strikeforce

What’s Next For Oscar De La Hoya?

He had a great plan. He was going to fight three times this year and end his career with a bang. He was going to fight a tune up bout in the spring to get him ready for his rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr., who beat him in 2007. It was the biggest money fight of all time, and though the second fight more than likely wouldn’t have done the same business, it would’ve been the biggest fight of this year. And then, in December, he was set to end his career with one more fight, possibly in his home town.

Part one of the plan went to fruition. De La Hoya beat Steve Forbes in May to set up his fight with Mayweather. But Mayweather Jr. decided to retire instead of take the fight.

(According to Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer there were early talks for both De La Hoya and Mayweather Jr. to be involved in this year’s Wrestlemania to help sell their fight for later this year. Obviously, De La Hoya wasn’t involved in Wrestlemaina, but Mayweather Jr. was.)

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