GIF – Dan Henderson Knocks Out Shogun Rua

Dan Henderson was looking old and you hate to see a fighter get old right in front of your eyes. Shogun Rua was dominating the first two rounds, blasting Henderson with shots that would’ve dropped many a fighter. He looked slow and couldn’t move out of the way. An uppercut nearly knocked him out in the second.

But in the third, Henderson let the right hand go and it connected. And it blew up Shogun’s nose.

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UFC Fight Night: Shogun Vs. Henderson 2 Play By Play

Shogun vs. Henderson 2 play by play

Sunday UFC? This card comes from Natal, Brazil and really, my only interest in it is the main event. It’s the rematch from one of the best fights in company history from UFC 139 in San Jose.

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UFC Fight Night, Affliction, Dream 5, The Great American Bash – The Aftermath

We had coverage for every show last weekend. Here’s what we thought about all those shows after thinking about them for a few days.

UFC Fight Night


Show overall rating: Thumbs in the middle

Best Fight: Anthony Johnson vs. Kevin Burns
Worst Fight: Brandon Vera vs. Reese Andy

There wasn’t really a top notch fight, but I thought Johnson and Burns was the best until the lame stoppage. There were some fun knockouts with Rory Markham and Anderson Silva coming to mind, and a great submission by CB Dollaway, but the show was really just there. If Silva had a better opponent, I think the fight could’ve felt bigger. But James Irvin wasn’t going to cut it, and he showed why, taking a beating. Brandon Vera’s terrible performance took a lot out of the show as well.

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Rear Naked Ramblings – Tim Sylvia Made How Much?

I used to do a post once or twice a week at my old site in which I posted links and recapped news stories. I’m bringing it back. The column was MMA only, but because our new site focuses on MMA, boxing, and pro wrestling, so will this column.

News and notes from around the MMA world …

– The UFC Fight Night payouts were just a we bit less than the Affliction payouts. Yes, it said that Tim Sylvia made nearly $800,000 for 36 seconds of work.

Eric Raskin (for The Ring Magazine and through says that if you see one fight all year, you have to see Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito.

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UFC Fight Night Live – Anderson Silva vs. James Irvin Play By Play

I wanted to do this live, but my crappy cable company couldn’t figure out what time the show was on, and my DVR was only going to record what the menu said, so I was screwed very much. We still have play by play, it’s just not live anymore.

The hardcores are paying attention to the Affliction show which is in Anaheim and on PPV. We have live play by play of the Affliction show done by our own Cactus Jim.

Jesse Taylor and CB Dollaway open up the show. It’s pretty amazing that Taylor is back in the UFC so quickly, but with competition the way it is, you don’t want to see a guy you promoted on TV for three months get picked up by EXC and put on TV immediately.

1. Jesse Taylor vs. CB Dollaway

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