How I’d Book The WWE Draft

I absolutely have no idea how they’re doing the draft tonight. But I remember that the only two drafts that felt like they were truly special drafts. The first one was the inaugural draft with the brand extension as the reason for having it. The entire roster was drafted by Ric Flair and Vince McMahon and it was made to be pretty important.

The other draft that was special was when John Cena and Batista traded places as champions and I remember that draft being held over a few weeks.

The last few drafts haven’t really been anything other than a random trading of talent. What should they do to spice it up?

Well, they should hold it like a real sports draft.
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Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling – Episode 2

I think she’s alone now.

Photo by aliasadsum

Tiffany is no longer with us, and after tonight, another wannabe wrestler will be gone as well.

Frank Stallone said that Dennis Rodman hits hard. That’s quite obvious. Erin says that her team followed the rules and that’s why her team didn’t have anyone eliminated from their team.

Danny decided to pick on Erin and then she asked him about his ex-wife which was a low blow. Danny then digs at her a bit and she starts crying. He said that he’s been making her cry since she was six years old.

Hogan, Bischoff, and Hart come in with a big surprise. That surprise is jumping from the top of a crane to the world’s largest air mattress below. They say it’s 30 feet. Todd and Danny go without hesitation. For some reason, after some trepidation, Trishelle jumps feet first. But at least she jumped. Then Butterbean deflated the air mattress. All of Team Nasty jumped except Frank Stallone. Knobbs said he’s always reminded that Frank is the other Stallone.

Bischoff asks the crew what they learned and Nikki couldn’t come up with an answer.

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