WWE 2009 The Bash – The Aftermath

After several really good PPVs, the WWE came back to earth a bit. I think I liked the show a bit more than the other guys, but I will admit, it was below their recent efforts.

Here’s the feedback from the FGB crew:


Show overall rating: Thumbs In The Middle

Best Match: Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio
Worst Match: Triple H vs. Randy Orton
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WWE 2009 The Bash Play By Play

This show used to be called “The Great American Bash”, but is now simply called “The Bash”. It’s also now in June rather than in July. Like the past few months of shows, there’s no real money match on the show, but it should be an entertaining evening because of good wrestling matches.

It looks like the ECW Championship scramble match is first.

1. ECW Championship Scramble

Christian and Jack Swagger are in first. It was a very slow first three minutes with Swagger working him over.

Finlay came out next and the match picked up. Swagger rolled Finlay up and is now the current ECW champion.

Dreamer came in and this match is pretty much a cluster. Finlay hit his finisher on Swagger and is now the current champ. Usually 4 way matches like this work because they can work out some fun multiple man spots. But these guys are off tonight. Working hard, but off.

I had no clue that Mark Henry was in the match. He’s the fifth guy. They did a stack superplex with Dreamer getting suplexed on. Best spot of the match. Henry powerslammed Dreamer and won the fall. He’s the current champ with about 4 1/2 minutes left.

Finlay jumped though the top and middle rope and out to the floor. Dreamer did his somersault from the apron. Christian jumped from the second rope to the floor. Then Mark Henry threatened jumping out to the floor, but Swagger saved him by undercutting him and then Vader Bombing him and pinning him.

Henry put Swagger in the 619 position, but jumped on the back of his head and through the ropes and to the floor.

Christian hit the Unprettier on Swagger, but Dreamer broke up the pin and pinned him with the DDT. There’s a little over a minute left in the match.

Dreamer snuck out of the match as the champ. Everyone tried to pin him at the end, but failed. Dreamer is still (or once again) the ECW champ. They tried to be innovative and worked hard, but the match just didn’t completely work. It had some fun spots, but overall, was just ok.

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