UFC On Versus – Diego Sanchez Vs. Martin Kampmann Play By Play

MMA on cable is good for the soul. I think this card snuck up on people because of it being on a Thursday. It’s pretty close to what you’d expect to a Fight Night card on Spike based on the caliber of fighters. It’s also the first card on Versus since WEC ended.

Smartly, they made the first fight an old WEC fight.

1. Damacio Page vs. Brian Bowles

This fight showed me that Bowles deserves a rematch with Dominick Cruz. Page came out strong, but he was all over Page. He throws his right hand with ferocity. He was landing punches and kicks, rocked Page with an uppercut and then choked him out with a guillotine. It was an impressive victory.

Winner: Brian Bowles by way of 1st round submission

2. Todd Brown vs. Igor Pokrajac

Brown looked good early on with a strategic game plan of hitting and then clinching so he wouldn’t get hit. But a head kick by Pokrajac turned the fight around. A knee to the head against the cage at the end of the round dropped Brown and though he lasted the round, he couldn’t get up and the fight was stopped.

Winner: Igor Pokrajac by way of 1st round TKO

3. Chris Weidman vs. Alessio Sakara
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2010 FGB Awards – MMA

It’s really amazing to see how much MMA has grown in the last several years. When I first started watching, it was a fun alternative to wrestling and boxing for me. I was eager to give it a shot, but never expected it to dominate PPV.

Well, ok, MMA doesn’t dominate PPV. UFC does. But still, it has been an amazing ride and it’s only the beginning. As you will see below, 2010 was also a pretty newsworthy year. From Brock Lesnar coming back from diverticulitis and defending and then losing his belt, to Chael Sonnen coming so close to beating Anderson Silva, to Anthony Pettis’ Showtime kick which ended the year (at least in US MMA) with a bang, tons of great things happened.

Duan, Alan, and I from this very site, along with friend of the site JP, Ryan Frederick (Ryan on Twitter), Stevie J from Angry Marks, and Big D from Superfriends Universe give out awards. Yes, I said that D was back here for “One Night Only” in the pro wrestling post, but I forgot about the MMA Awards. He’s back for “Two Nights Only”!

Fighter Of The Year

Duan – Cain Velasquez

He has established himself as the UFC number 1, and with Fedor taking a loss this year, that makes him MMA’s premier heavyweight.

Alan – Cain Velasquez

His two big wins are enough for me to choose as fighter of the year.

JP – Frankie Edgar

When it was announced that Frankie Edgar would fight B.J. Penn for the Lightweight championship, just about everyone counted him out. Instead Edgar proved impossible to put away and won a controversial decision. An immediate rematch was announced and this time Edgar dominated Penn for five rounds to keep his title and truly validate himself.

Ryan – Frankie Edgar

Not many men beat BJ Penn. Not many beat Penn twice. And only one has beaten Penn twice in 5 months. Edgar’s performance in their first bout and his domination in their second bout earned him this award, fighting off tough competition from Jose Aldo, Cain Velasquez, Dominik Cruz and Anthony Pettis.

Stevie J – It’s a tie between Georges St. Pierre and Cain Velasquez.

Big D – Anthony Pettis

Two Words: The Kick. Close 2nd Place: Jose Aldo and Chael Sonnen.

GG – Cain Velasquez

I was very close to going with Frankie Edgar here, but Cain beating Brock Lesnar on such a huge stage in his first main event fight was slightly more impressive to me.

MMA Show Of The Year
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WEC 50: Cruz Vs. Benavidez

This is another mid-week WEC show that has very little exposure, but should make the hardcores very happy. It’s also the first of three upcoming shows (not counting Belator) within a span of a week and a half.

Onto the show…

Alongside Todd Harris tonight is Stephan Bonnar.

1. Zach Micklewright vs. Bart Palaszewski

Palaszewski has the single worst hair-do I’ve ever seen. He’s wearing a pink mohawk with the sides torn to pieces. I’m not sure what the significance is, though hopefully there is none and it’s a mistake.

Palaszewski was landing leg kicks early on to the southpaw’s front leg. Micklewright didn’t check them, but instead let the leg move with the kick. Palaszewski was trying to get inside, but it was Micklewright who was landing a lot of the thunder with the hands. Both guys kicked each other in the balls accidentally. Near the end of the round, Palaszewski started landing the bigger and more accurate shots. Good round for both, but Bart wins a close one.

Well, Bart woke up. He landed a huge kick, got inside, Micklewright missed a haymaker and Palaszeweski dropped him with a right hand and it was over.

Winner: Bart Palaszewski by way of 2nd round TKO

2. Brad Pickett vs. Scott Jorgensen

Wow, what a round. And a hard one to score too. Pickett throws the much stronger and stiffer shots, but Jorgensen is scrappy. He landed a lot of shots too. In a crazy scenario, Jorgensen knocked Pickett’s mouth piece out and Pickett took some shots picking it up and putting it back in his mouth. Then against the cage, he smiled. Jorgensen got a takedown and Pickett tried for a guillotine. Hard round to score.

It was another close round until Pickett went for a takedown, didn’t get it and actually ended up on the bottom. They were both landing big shots and stopping each other in their tracks. Pickett throws hard combinations while Jorgensen is looking to land a big shot after throwing some jabs out there. Jorgensen probably wins the round based on the last part of the round where he got the takedown and was going for submissions.
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WEC 48: Jose Aldo Vs. Urijah Faber Play By Play

Well, at least the open is different. No gladiators thankfully.

I blogged the prelims on Spike TV, which featured a crazy fight between Leonard Garcia and Chan Sung Jung.

1. Anthony Banuelos vs. Scott Jorgensen

The striking in this one is so different than the Garcia/Jung fight. Very technical and solid. Banuelos threw the best shot of the round with a left hook that put him down. Otherwise, very competitive round.

What a round for Jorgensen. He was the better striker and was walking down Banuelos. He put him down with a straight right to the temple and Banuelos’ nose started bleeding like crazy. Banuelos sprang up at the end, but easily Jorgensen’s round.

Jorgensen put him down again and the bloody nose exploded again. He was working the choke late in the round, but Banuelos fought him. It wasn’t the most active fight, but both guys are just really good technically. Jorgensen is going to get the decision, but Banuelos was never say die.

Winner: Scott Jorgensen by unanimous decision

2. Shane Roller vs. Anthony Njokuani
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