The Ultimate Fighter Finale: Team Jones Vs. Team Sonnen Play By Play

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I really loved this season of The Ultimate Fighter. And it’s not necessarily because of the coaches, though Chael Sonnen’s charm helped. But it just seems like they invested more time and care into the series. They shot it differently. They told better stories. And there were some really good fighters as well. Hate to see this season end, but next season should be great too.

1. Gilbert Smith vs. Bubba McDaniel

Good first round for McDaniel. Smith tried to use his wrestling, but just ended up on his back as McDaniel’s jiu-jitsu was strong. McDaniel also held his own on the feet, staggering Smith backward. McDaniel also had a tight guillotine on before Smith popped out.

Smith is working his wrestling, but when they get to the ground, he has no idea how to handle McDaniel, except for one strong guillotine attempt. I guess for him, it’s better than getting hit in the face. Smith got tired and McDaniel worked for a rear naked, but couldn’t get it.

Smith took McDaniel down again and McDaniel immediately set up the triangle. He didn’t get the triangle, but from the triangle position, he got the armbar and Smith tapped.

Winner: Bubba McDaniel by way of 3rd round submission

2. Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Travis Browne

Browne went for a high kick and Gonzaga grabbed his foot. They were tied up against the fence and Browne’s back was against fence. Gonzaga was going for a takedown and Browne nailed him with a handful of elbows to the side of the head and Gonzaga went out.

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UFC 143 Results – Carlos Condit Is The New Interim Welterweight Champion

This was the first UFC show I’ve missed in a while, and I’m pretty bummed about it. I had computer issues all evening and by the time I wanted to get the show, it had already started, so I just decided to miss out on it.

Here are the results from tonight:

1. Ed Herman beat Clifford Starks by 2nd round submission (rear naked choke).

2. Renan Barao beat Scott Jorgensen by unanimous decision (30-27 for all three judges).

3. Josh Koscheck beat Mike Pierce by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28). Supposedly, Koscheck was lucky to get away with a win here.

4. Fabricio Werdum beat Roy Nelson by unanimous decision (30-27 for all three judges).

5. Carlos Condit beat Nick Diaz by unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 49-46). The feedback has been split. Just from gauging on Twitter, it seemed like it was about 60%/40% for Condit, but the Diaz fans were pretty upset. Their theory was that Condit was moving backward and Diaz was the aggressor. After the fight, Diaz teased that he was quitting MMA.

UFC 137 Play By Play – BJ Penn Vs. Nick Diaz

Earlier in the evening on the Spike TV prelims, Bart Palaszewski knocked out Tyson Griffin in the first round and Donald Cerrone submitted Dennis Siver in the first as well.

1. Hatsu Hioki vs. George Roop

Close first round. Roop won the stand-up battle, but Hioki got a takedown and ended up on top. It’s arguable that Roop did more from the bottom than Hioki did on top.

Hioki won that round. He got a takedown and fell into mount and was pretty much in mount the entire round. He locked his feet around and underneath Roop’s and he couldn’t do anything. Hioki didn’t hurt him though. He ate an upkick at the end of the round.

Not a good way to start the show unless you’re a die-hard ground fan. Roop won the round with ground control. Whoever wins the fight will depend on who won the first round.

Winner: Hatsu Hioki by split decision

2. Jeff Curran vs. Scott Jorgensen

I didn’t get to score it round by round, but Jorgensen had the upper hand for most of the fight in a technical battle. This wasn’t necessarily the kind of fight to jumpstart the crowd, but it was a nice little back and forth battle.

Winner: Scott Jorgensen by way of unanimous decision
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WEC 53 – Anthony Pettis Vs. Ben Henderson

This is the final WEC show and based on the fights they’ve put together, it should go out with a bang. Let’s just get right to it.

1. Kamal Shalorus vs. Bart Palaszewski

Shalorus had a nice throw and some good ground work. He also landed the bigger punches, but Palaszewski used leg kicks well. Shalorus also used leg kicks. Shalorus won the round fairly easily.

The second round was a tough one to score. Palaszewski had a much better round, scoring twice with high kicks, but then Shalorus took him down near the end of the round, and stayed on top of him.

Palaszewski landed the best shots of the fight in the last minute of the round. Shalorus got tired and took some punishment. If this fight was a little longer, Palaszewski had a chance to really do some damage.

Winner: Kamal Shalorus

The scores were 30-27 for Shalorus, 29-28 for Palaszewski, and 29-28 for Shalorus.

2. Chris Horodecki vs. Donald Cerrone

Cerrone looked great and it was a pretty one-sided round. Horodecki was able to get inside and throw strikes, but couldn’t do much else. Cerrone got a takedown and quickly got mount. Horodecki was able to switch the position, but didn’t want to be in Cerrone’s guard. He toyed with him near the end of the round, getting his back as the round sounded.
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WEC 50: Cruz Vs. Benavidez

This is another mid-week WEC show that has very little exposure, but should make the hardcores very happy. It’s also the first of three upcoming shows (not counting Belator) within a span of a week and a half.

Onto the show…

Alongside Todd Harris tonight is Stephan Bonnar.

1. Zach Micklewright vs. Bart Palaszewski

Palaszewski has the single worst hair-do I’ve ever seen. He’s wearing a pink mohawk with the sides torn to pieces. I’m not sure what the significance is, though hopefully there is none and it’s a mistake.

Palaszewski was landing leg kicks early on to the southpaw’s front leg. Micklewright didn’t check them, but instead let the leg move with the kick. Palaszewski was trying to get inside, but it was Micklewright who was landing a lot of the thunder with the hands. Both guys kicked each other in the balls accidentally. Near the end of the round, Palaszewski started landing the bigger and more accurate shots. Good round for both, but Bart wins a close one.

Well, Bart woke up. He landed a huge kick, got inside, Micklewright missed a haymaker and Palaszeweski dropped him with a right hand and it was over.

Winner: Bart Palaszewski by way of 2nd round TKO

2. Brad Pickett vs. Scott Jorgensen

Wow, what a round. And a hard one to score too. Pickett throws the much stronger and stiffer shots, but Jorgensen is scrappy. He landed a lot of shots too. In a crazy scenario, Jorgensen knocked Pickett’s mouth piece out and Pickett took some shots picking it up and putting it back in his mouth. Then against the cage, he smiled. Jorgensen got a takedown and Pickett tried for a guillotine. Hard round to score.

It was another close round until Pickett went for a takedown, didn’t get it and actually ended up on the bottom. They were both landing big shots and stopping each other in their tracks. Pickett throws hard combinations while Jorgensen is looking to land a big shot after throwing some jabs out there. Jorgensen probably wins the round based on the last part of the round where he got the takedown and was going for submissions.
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The Aftermath – WEC: Aldo Vs. Faber

Even the most cynical MMA fan would agree that the first ever WEC PPV was a slam dunk success. After so many putrid MMA shows of late, this thing delivered, and it delivered hard.

You’re going to see nothing but love from the FGB crew in our feedback about this show.

Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung
Worst Fight: Donald Cerrone vs. Ben Henderson

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