The Raw Rerun – 2014 Slammy Awards (Time Capsule Blog)

2014 Slammy's

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WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 Live Play By Play

The former No Way Out was always one of my favorite shows for two reasons. For one, it was always the last PPV before WrestleMania, meaning whatever the final matches they needed to put together before WrestleMania became pretty clear after this show. Secondly, they usually ran a pretty clean show since they didn’t want to change too many things going into Mania. It was never the most noteworthy, but usually fun and logical. It’s now called Elimination Chamber and tonight (like last year) features two Elimination Chamber matches, which is a fun gimmick match.

It looks like we’re starting with one of those matches now. If Raw goes on first, we’re probably getting some HBK shenanigans in the Smackdown chamber.

1. Raw Elimination Chamber

Kofi Kingston and Sheamus are starting out, which means that if Sheamus wins, he’s making it through five eliminations.

Kingston got some nice offense to start, but he was put out on the side so that HHH and Sheamus could go at it for a while as HHH is the third guy in the ring. After a fun couple of minutes or so, Kofi came back in and had some great offense on both Sheamus and HHH. How this guy isn’t pushed more, I’ll never know.

Randy O is in next. Ted Jr. is in next and after teasing a Randy O beat down, he helped him up and they’re working together. Orton did the DDT where he drapes the foot over the middle ropes to HHH outside the ring and onto the cage floor. Awesome spot. Cena’s in last.

Cody brought in a steel pipe to give to DiBiase and while Orton was on Cena’s shoulders, DiBiase hit Orton with the pipe. Then he hit Cena, but he pinned Orton. He gave Orton a devilish look on Orton’s way out. Five guys left.

Well, they seemingly killed DiBiase’s heat. Kofi pinned him with the Trouble In Paradise. Then Sheamus hit the kick of death and the Razor’s Edge on Kofi and now we’re down to three with HHH, Sheamus, and Triple H left.

Sheamus had Cena up for the Razor’s Edge and HHH hit him in the ball sack and then Pedigree’d him for the fall. It’s down to Cena and HHH.

Cena made HHH top in the STF to win the belt.

Winner: John Cena

For whatever reason, Vince McMahon came out and said Cena had to defend his belt against Batista.

2. Batista vs. John Cena
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